EXCLUSIVE: AfterShock’s Animosity Expands with New Ongoing Series

Led by the creative team of writer Marguerite Bennett and artists Rafael de Latorre and Rob Schwager, Animosity has been the breakout hit of AfterShock Comics' early days as a publisher. The series has already grown to include multiple one-shots spinning out of the main series, and in October, AfterShock will launch a second Animosity ongoing series. CBR has the first details.

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Animosity: Evolution will also be written by Bennett and colored by Rob Schwager, with art by Eric Gapstur. Bennett describes Evolution as the "Star Trek to Animosity's Star Wars -- the ethical and philosophical exploration to Animosity's dark adventure."


"Animosity: Evolution is about the rise of that supposed safe haven -- the city by the sea, unlike any other -- where, during the chaos, the Animals peacefully took power with minimal loss of life," Bennett said in a statement to CBR. "Set in the first weeks and months after this apocalypse begins, the Animals and the surviving humans try to build and rebuild a functioning society where they all might live."

Animosity is a darkly comedic post-apocalyptic tale that explores a world where animals suddenly develop the intelligence of humans and the ability to speak, leading to an uprising against humanity. The series premiered in August 2016, and has received acclaim including a spot on CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2016. Animosity: Evolution, Bennett shares, is set to explore the bigger questions posed by the main series.


"How do they eat? Carnivores can’t digest grass, though herbivores can digest meat, and meat is now truly murder," Bennett said. "Where do they live? A city of 1 million people just became a city of 3 billion, counting every human, pet, bird, rat, fish and insect inside. How can they have children -- we all know rabbits breed like, well, rabbits, but sunfish can lay 300 million eggs in a single year. How can they defend their city from the increasingly frantic remains of the human governments, when their limbs are not shaped to the use of human technology? How can they learn to live with each other, treat each other, train each other?"


Animosity: Evolution #1 is scheduled for release on Oct. 18. Solicitation text, plus covers and black-and-white interior art from the debut issue, can be found below.

ANIMOSITY: EVOLUTION #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / color / on sale 10.18.17

  • writer: Marguerite Bennett
  • artist: Eric Gapstur
  • color: Rob Schwager
  • letters: Marshall Dillon
  • cover “A”: Elizabeth Torque
  • cover “B”: Mike Rooth


A new, additional ongoing ANIMOSITY series!

One day, the animals woke up. They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking revenge. Now, they've started building. In a city by the sea, a new power is on the rise...and they're making an animal kingdom all their own.

From the brilliant mind of creator/writer Marguerite Bennett (INSEXTS, Bombshells and Batwoman) with artwork by Eric Gapstur--ANIMOSITY: EVOLUTION is an exciting new series that expands upon this already amazing world!

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