Animosity: Evolution #8 Preview Teases an Animal Civil War

Preview art for Animosity: Evolution #8 reveals what the previous issue hinted at -- that a vast and terrible civil war approaches the new animal kingdom. Issue #7 ended with a band of dolphins effectively cutting off the water supply to Wintermute's followers. The preview art hints at the repercussions for those actions.

The preview art sees all manner of nightmares coming to fruition. Not only has Wintermute seemingly turned a corner when it comes to brokering peace based on the idea of equality, but the war drums are beating loudly. The sneak peek even sees primates tripping over themselves to get into a tank, which is never a good sign.

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It will be interesting to see how the land forces of Wintermute engage those of the dolphins, the latter, of course, being sea creatures who are adept in their environment and capable of wreaking havoc should they please. Perhaps Wintermute has a plan to deal with them, but she also might be walking into a dolphin-shaped trap.

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  • Writer: Marguerite Bennett
  • Artist: Eric Gapstur
  • Colors: Rob Schwager
  • Letters: Marshall Dillon
  • Cover: Eric Gapstur w/ Guy Major
  • $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / On sale 10.17.18
  • As hostilities rise between the overlord and underworld of the Animals, civil war prepares to break loose—and annihilate everything they have fought to achieve.

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