Which Anime Should You Watch Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type?

Spend any time in an office, graduate school class, or bar full of Episcopal priests and you’ll probably hear someone bring up the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator at some point. Based on research started in the early 1900s, the Myers-Briggs is used today to pinpoint personality types and provide psychological, introspective analysis for anyone willing to take the test.

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So, why not use that to figure out the best anime to watch? Here’s a list of what anime you should be watching based on your Myers-Briggs type.

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10 The Mastermind - My Roommate Is A Cat

The INTJ personality is known as The Mastermind, trademarked by introverted actions, self-sufficiency, and observing the world in order to question the way things are. 2019’s My Roommate Is A Cat has not just one main character that perfectly fits the INTJ marker, but two.

The story of two secluded entities coming together and observing one another not only makes for good comedy but also shows that there’s nothing wrong with hiding away once in a while.

9 The Provider - Sakura Quest

An organizer? Helpful to a fault? Popular thanks to your need to make others happy? You’re The Provider, an ESFJ. In turn, you need an anime all about trying to bring a community back from the brink and sacrificing personal happiness for the good of others, which is 2017’s Sakura Quest in a nutshell.

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The story of Yoshino Koharu’s return to rural Japan to help a failing tourist town find revitalization is perfect for anyone looking to find a story about putting off your own needs before the needs of your friends.

8 The Performer - Zombie Land Saga

Everyone knows that kid who just starts singing or dancing in front of a crowd for absolutely no reason other than needing attention. Well, that kid is an ESFP, otherwise known as The Performer. If the name didn't give it away, Performers love the spotlight, being in front of people, and dream of sharing their passions with others.

However, that isn't always a good thing, as indicated by the matching anime, Zombie Land Saga. A deconstruction of the harem/music genre, Zombie Land Saga shows that there's a price to the spotlight, and sometimes that price is being run over by a truck in the first two minutes of the pilot.

But, there's also rapping and headbanging. So, it's not all bad.

7 The Champion - My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is chock full of Champions, characters with ENFP personalities. Highly individualistic, believing strongly in a cause, and looking to set out into the world with their own ideas and methods, all of which perfectly describe the likes of Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki, and many more of the students in Class 1-A.

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Get out there, find your own powers, and go Plus Ultra!

6 The Nurturer - Fruits Basket (2019)

If the name wasn't an indicator, The Nurturer, ISFJ type is warm-hearted, caring, and sensitive to the feelings of others. Honestly, is there a better flagbearer for those traits in anime than Tohru Honda of Fruits Basket?

The plot and stories of the beloved anime (and its recent reboot) are propelled forward solely by the loving arms of Tohru, as she attempts to do right by her friends and help everyone she can, even at her own expense. Sounds perfect for those that are known to do a little nurturing of their own from time to time.

5 The Counselor - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Hidden depth? Terror waiting right below the surface level? Changing perceptions? All of those things describe the classic anime Evangelion. If those things sound appealing, then you are probably The Counselor, an INFJ type.

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With hidden meanings, psychosociological analysis, and a dive into the abstract nature of anime heroes, Evangelion is the perfect match for those who think there's always more to a story. That said, there is not enough psychoanalyst in the world to make sense of End of Evangelion.

4 The Idealist - Boogiepop And Others

Part of the fun of 2019's horror/action anthology Boogiepop And Others is how stitched together the plot appears to be. Like Quintin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, it's a story told out of place that leaves much to the minds of the audience. All this is to say that Idealists, the INFP type, will have a field day with the twisting, curving nature of Boogiepop.

Idealists love to analyze metaphor and theories, getting lost in their heads over the possibilities. Such an abstract way of thinking deserves an equally abstract anime. So, go get 'em, Tiger.

3 The Supervisor - SSSS.Gridman

Supervisors, the ESTJ types, are leaders that take the difficult road others may avoid. Doing the right thing is hard, but the Supervisor will do what must be done, no matter the cost. 2018's excellent SSSS.Gridman tells a tale of the amnesiac Yuta Hibiki and his multiple attempts at defending his city via the power of Hyper Agent Gridman, sometimes making the hard decisions that potentially cost him everything he holds dear.

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Hibiki is a strong-willed character and Gridman tells a story about doing the right thing in the face of despair, something that all Supervisors should relate to.

2 The Thinker - Millennium Actress (OVA)

Comprised of the INTP type, Thinkers love patterns and picking out small details, using insight to read people and gain a grasp on the personalities of others. Thinkers need a piece of animation that can match their skills, and the beloved classic animated film Millennium Actress is up to the challenge.

A story of romance lost across generations and told from multiple perspectives, Millennium Actress is a film that is pieced together slowly, with quiet moments that are worth a thousand words.

1 The Craftsman - Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Are enigmatic characters your kind of thing? Enjoy things that, at face value appear to be one thing but are actually just hiding their spontaneity and enthusiasm from the outside world? Then you're definitely a Craftsman, the ISTP type, which means you're a perfect fit for 2018's Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai, easily one of the top anime of 2018.

Even the name and initial impression of Bunny Girl Senpai alludes to something more under the surface, as the title and opening scene of a girl wandering around a library in a bunny suit gives off the impression that this is a completely different show than it ends up being. Bunny Girl Senpai, much like Craftsmen, have multiple layers like an onion. So, get to peeling!

Um, the onion is hypothetical, of course. Don't try to peel any actual people.

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