Anime Supercon Adds Four New Guests

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL. - Anime Supercon has just added four new guests to it's growing lineup. Voice Actors Christine Auten (Full Metal Alchemist, Bubblegum Crisis, Lady Death), Brittney Karbowski (Gilgamesh, Yumeria, Jinki: Extend), Spike Spencer (Evangelion, Gunsmith Cats, Bubblegum Crisis, Battle Angel) and Mike McFarland (Dragonball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, Lupin The Third).

Christine Auten has voiced such notable characters as Lady Death in Lady Death, Priss in Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Misato Yukimaru in Aquarian Age, Marvel Frozen in Aura Battler Dunbine, Marin in St. Seiya, Barbara Fuccon in The Fuccons, Shino in Princess Nine, Rizel in Chrono Crusade, Izumi Curtis in Full Metal Alchemist and

Sakaki in Azumanga Daioh. Christine has also done voices in a number of other titles

including Princess Tutu, Yugo the Negotiator, Godannar, Divergence Eve, Samurai Gun,

Rune Soldier, Full Metal Panic!, Kaleido Star, AD Police, Shadow Skill, Maburaho, Excel Saga, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Noir, Neo Ranga, Oh! Super Milk Chan and many more!.

Brittney Karbowski, a 19-year-old theater major at the University of Houston, is one of the newest dub voices for ADV Films. To date Brittney's work includes Fuko in Gilgamesh, Mone in Yumeria, Nahki in Madlax, Reiya in Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, Momochie in Godannar, and Aoba in Jinki: Extend. She has also done work in Misaki Chronicles, Chrono Crusade, Ghost Stories, Samurai Gun, Vermillion Pleasure Night, and The Legend of Moby Dick. She points to Fuko (Gilgamesh) as her favorite role so far. "She's cute and wicked, but wicked in a good way," said Karbowski.

Spike Spencer has been a voice actor since the early nineties. He has voiced hundreds of episodes of Anime including such notable titles as Evangelion, Battle Angel, Suikoden, Orphen, Spriggan, Nadesico, and currently in production on MAR. He has also voiced many radio and television commercials, video games (including the next "World of

Warcraft", and several other projects. An accomplished actor, he has worked with such notable stars as Tommy Lee Jones, Sandra Bullock, Frank Langella, Tia Carrere, and Scott Glenn and has been on set with many other stars. Spike is also an author, including "How to Be A Frickin Genius Voice Actor, Step One," "What Happens At The Con, Stays At The Con?," And a "Dating Cookbook." Spike is also a screen writer with several projects in various stages. Spike is soon to begin production on his first

feature film that he scripted, "Dwindle Down." Spike has traveled to many parts of the world and enjoys a nice hearty Zinfandel or a frothy pint of Guinness. Spike also has his official website up and running at: WORLDOSPIKE.COM

Mike McFarland got his start in anime as one of the first voice actors in Texas to be hired by FUNimation Productions in 1997. Notable roles include Master Roshi, Yajirobe, Android #8 and Pui-Pui in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Baby and Baby-Vegeta in Dragon Ball GT, Goemon in Lupin The Third (Movie Specials), Ritsu Sohma in Fruits Basket, Havoc in Fullmetal Alchemist, Leo in Burst Angel, Bruce J. Speed in Galaxy Railways, as well as various roles in Yu Yu Hakusho, Blue Gender, Case Closed,

Spiral, Kodocha, Baki the Grappler, Desert Punk, and Kiddy Grade. He has also worked with ADV Films on Parasite Dolls, Gantz, Shadow Skill, and Diamond Daydreams, and with Geneon on Ghost Talker's Daydream, Koi Kaze, and Rumiko Takahashi Anthology. As an ADR/Voice Director, Mike has worked on Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Case Closed, Dragon Ball, Galaxy Railways, as well as Fullmetal Alchemist, as seen on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. ADR Scriptwriting credits include Fullmetal Alchemist, Kodocha, and the uncut versions of Dragon Ball Z. Mike is also an accomplished improv comedian, musician, and has appeared in numerous commercials and independent films, including The Rage Within, House Of The Generals, the award-winning Schtickmen, and the upcoming Placebo.

Anime Supercon is a convention for Anime and Animation fans taking place April 13-15, 2007 in Ft. Lauderdale. FL. The show will include celebrity guests, writers, artists, vendors, Q&A's, parties, costume contest, anime programming, manga, cosplay, workshops, panels and more.

The current guest list includes: Dana Snyder (Master Shake in Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Christine Auten (Full Metal Alchemist, Bubblegum Crisis, Lady Death), Brittney Karbowski (Gilgamesh, Yumeria, Jinki: Extend), Spike Spencer (Evangelion, Gunsmith Cats, Bubblegum Crisis, Battle Angel) and Mike McFarland (Dragonball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, Lupin The Third), Wendy Lo (Author) and Terribly Odd (Artist/Designer).

For more information, including tickets, the latest guest additions, vendor tables and artist tables please visit www.animesupercon.com

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