The 10 Best Shoujo Anime To Show New Fans

There are plenty of great anime shows to go around, but that doesn't mean that they are for everyone. There are so many anime genres because creators know very well that they can't keep everyone happy with the same story over and over.

Shojo anime, although it is directed for women, is for the masses who want a great love story in the midst of either teenage drama or an amazing adventure. Shojo is a great genre for that reason, it is always relatable for people, especially girls, who are looking for stories about strong women who can have it all: adventures and love. Here's the 10 best Shoujo anime shows to show new fans.

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Sawako Kuronuma has a very strange appearance, and because of that, she is very misunderstood among her classmates. Her peers even spread rumors that she can see ghosts!

In reality, she is very sweet and doesn't want to have any of these rumors stick to her. She wants friends more than anything. Luckily for her, when the most popular boy in school, Kazehaya, decides to be her friend, her entire world is flipped. She begins to make friends, once she is brought into his world, and she is able to come out of her shell. A beautiful, and gentle love begins to grow between the two characters, and although their teenage lives are occasionally filled with drama, they manage to stick by each other's side throughout it all.


Another quiet but slightly more bitter character, this story revolves around Mei Tachibana. She has an incident as a child, involving betrayal, that made her naturally assume that she couldn't trust anyone around her. Mei truly believes that no matter how many people come into your life, they will always betray you in the end.

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That begins to change when one of the most popular boys at her school (doesn't it always go this way) decides to speak to her. Although their love story takes a long time, as Mei is extremely distrusting, it blossoms into something wonderful. It allows her to break free of the terrible assumptions she has about people, and she is able to make friends, and give her heart away to someone she trusts.


In the Kingdom of Kouka, there lives a princess named Yona, who lives quite carefree despite being constantly protected by her friend Hak, who is also her bodyguard. On her sixteenth birthday, her other friend, Su-Won comes to the party to pay his respects, and she remembers how much she has always loved him.

That is until she sees Su-Won eliminate her father. Hak takes her away, escaping Su-Won's grasp. Thus begins an adventure in saving her kingdom, by looking for warriors to help her in her journey, and falling in love along the way.


Shizuku Mizutani has no interests in boys at the start of the show. What's important to her is her future, and she is desperate to do everything she can to get the future that she wants.

One day, she is given a task, she has to bring school print outs to a boy named Haru Yoshida, who rarely attends class. Once they meet, they become immediate friends, which begins their steady descent into a relationship. Although she is a little cold at the start, she is immediately intrigued by Haru, who like her, seems to be a little awkward with relationships. Although their relationship takes some work, it proves to be an adorable love story.


The story follows two Nanas, one who tends to fall in love right away, and one who is the lead vocalist for a punk rock band. They meet by chance on a train, as the two are on their way to Tokyo. As their lives are destined to intertwine, they end up living together and become close friends.

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However, when the punk Nana begins to gain a lot of popularity with her band, that comes with a lot of issues in their friendship and their romantic life. While this is as much of a story about their separate romantic lives, the story is mostly about their strange but beautiful friendship as they learn to grow and be comfortable around each other.


Everyone loves a good vampire story, that's just the reality of our world. Luckily, we have an anime for all the vampire lovers out there.

When our protagonist, Yuki, was a child, she was attacked by a vampire and saved by another one named Kaname Kuran. After that event, ten years later, Yuki (who is now adopted by the headmaster of the Cross Academy) has actually become the guardian of vampires. It's her mission to protect Kaname, the man who saved her, and of course, the man she's in love with. Of course, it's not a real vampire story without someone hating them. What makes Yuki's life so difficult is that her best friend Zero hates the creatures, and is desperate to expose their darkest secrets to the world, and most importantly, to Yuki.


When our high school protagonist Tohru moves into the Soma House, a male teen crashes through the roof of her bedroom and begins to attack her. This is the unfortunate way Tohru meets Kyo, who is an angry and aggressive young man. In the scuffle and confusion, Tohru tumbles on Kyo's back, and from touch, she is able to see into his past.

The Somas live with an unfortunate curse. With the exception of Kyo, the twelve members of the family can turn into the zodiac animals they are associated with when they are hugged by the opposite sex. However, not just then, but even when they're weak or embarrassed. Upon discovering this, Soma promises she will keep their secret, even though she has no idea what she's dealing with when she promises that. She decides to break the curse, but on the way, she meets some incredibly vengeful spirits.


Innocent ten-year-old, Sakura Kinomoto finds a book in her basement and upon its opening, releases magical cards. These cards, called Clow Reeds, has specific powers and can actually take forms when Sakura activated them. Cerberus emerges with the cards and as they're the guardian of the cards, they tell Sakura that because she released them, it is her mission to find the missing cards.

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However, it's not easy in her mission to get there. On the way, between getting new costumes and being filmed as she fights magical battles, she falls in love, grows up, and gets confident in her abilities.


Easily one of the best Shoujo anime, Ouran High School Host Club is for any new fan that wants a love story, but less action and a whole lot of comedy. This show will definitely give you that.

Our main character, Haruhi, accidentally discovers the Host Club, which is a group of male students who entertain female students with tea and compliments. She finds herself in their debt as she breaks their vase, and has to make it up to them. Since she looks like a boy, she is easily mistaken as one. Even when she is found out as a girl, however, she doesn't get kicked out. The Club's leader Tamaki falls madly in love with her, and although Haruhi takes a bit longer to realize her feelings, it's such a lovely and hilarious love story.


Sailor Moon

One of the most popular anime shows of all time, Usagi Tsukino and her new friend, Luna (who is a talking cat) helps her become the warrior Sailor Moon. She is destined to be a soldier who will save the Earth from the evil that threatens it. Although she is ditzy, clumsy, and often forgetful, Usagi proves to be a great warrior.

She gets a team of Sailors to help her in her missions and falls in love with the mysterious Tuxedo Mask along the way. It will forever stand as one of the best, if not the best Shoujo manga and anime to ever exist. It definitely paved the way for future animes to flourish.

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