10 Anime To Watch On Amazon Prime Right Now

Every streaming service now has its own cadre of anime selections, and yet the struggle is real to find anything worth watching. Amazon Prime lags behind the other major streaming services in regards to selections of the otaku variety, but if you're willing to look and take a handy suggestion or two then you might just find some diamonds in the rough.

So, instead of looking for an hour for something to watch on Amazon Prime Video then giving up just read this handy list of the 10 anime to watch on Amazon Prime right now.

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10 Vinland Saga

Looking for action? Adventure? Vikings perhaps? Well, you won't find Thor or The Avengers here, but Amazon scored themselves quite the coup by getting Vinland Saga, the new anime based off the beloved historical manga that began in 2005. The Norse story of young Thorfinn's tale of revenge is one of the best looking and best-paced anime of the year and you'd have to had taken a hammer to the head to even think about missing it.

9 Fushigi Yuugi

One of the first major Shoujo anime releases, Fushigi Yuugi is great not only as a history lesson for the genre but also stands its own as a great show, even in 2019. Miaki and Yui's story of being pulled into a book of mythological lore based on the history of China share DNA with the likes of Fruits Basket, not only in their ability to tell a story with a female lead, but also with the careful balancing act of action, comedy, and sweet melodrama. Get your book on and catch this classic sooner than later.

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8 Pokemon: The Series

Have you ever wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was? Well, Amazon has you covered with essentially every episode of the prolific Pokemon anime. Always wanted to catch up on all those times Ash Ketchum didn't win any championships? Here's your chance, sans that one episode that gave everyone seizures. Now if Amazon would also add the Monster Rancher animated series then one and all could relive the glory days of terrible dubbed anime in the late 1990s.

7 Lupin the 3rd, Part 1

Lupin the 3rd is one of the most well-known anime that most people can't tell you a thing about. In fairness, the franchise has only been around since the 1970s. Amazon Prime collects the entirety of the anime run, but what better place to start on the misadventures of everyone's favorite Japanese Sherlock Holmes derivative than at the beginning with Part 1?

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6 Robotech: The Complete Series - Digitally Remastered

Amazon Prime's anime niche certainly seems to be the classics, and you can't get any more classic than the original Robotech, now digitally remastered. The giant robots in space anime trope is a long-cherished one and much of that success and longevity is thanks to Robotech. Following The Masters Saga, this 24-episode season will either give you an appreciation for how far anime has come or die trying.

5 Amagi Brilliant Park

If Amagi Brilliant Park sounds familiar it is due to the fact that Kyoto Animation -- the studio that recently suffered a complete loss due to an arson attack -- was the studio behind it. The light-hearted, former novel about Maple Land amusement park stands as one of Kyoto Animation's most beloved works and there's no better way to celebrate the lives of everyone who worked at KA than to dive right into Amagi Brilliant Park.

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4 Girls' Last Tour

Nothing sounds more anime than the post-apocalypse and adorable girls with guns, right? The winner of the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2018 award for 'Best Slice of Life' series, Girls' Last Tour is deceptively optimistic for a show about two girls attempting to survive in the leftover wastes of the world. Despite the dour look and feel of the show, there's an underlying hopefulness to this series that keeps it from ever being too much of a downer.

3 Scum's Wish

Ready for tangled webs of unrequited, possibly illegal love? Well, then Scum's Wish is the anime for you! The tale of two high school students, their forbidden crushes on their teachers, and the pact these two students take in the form of a fake relationship are one of the more tawdry shows in recent anime memory. What makes Scum's Wish work is the right combination of "will they/won't they?" combined with the drama of two teenagers making a plethora of destructive decisions.  Certainly not for the faint of heart.

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2 Hitorijime My Hero

Gay romances in anime is a subject not often handled well. At worst it's played for nothing but senseless titillation, and usually, at best you get the likes of Sakura Trick or Citrus that use the relationships as smoke and mirrors for a different plotline. Sure, the likes of Sailor Moon are there to pick up the slack, but more recent anime like Hitorijime My Hero also have something to contribute to a lackluster genre. The famed yaoi series has a different take on the "student falls for teacher" trope, with a story as heartfelt as you'll find in anime.

1 Anonymous Noise

Music anime is very in at the moment if Carole & Tuesday on Netflix is any indicator, but Amazon Prime has its own tune to sing. Anonymous Noise has an art style that makes it stand out among the crowd, but also a soundtrack that perfectly compliments the story of Nino and In No Hurry To Shout. Anonymous Noise isn't the most surprising shoujo out there, but it should fill any void in your life that you're feeling when it comes to anime selections on Amazon Prime.

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