10 New Anime You Need To Watch On Crunchyroll This Fall Season

The popular anime streaming website known as Crunchyroll boasts a library with many hundreds of titles, some new, some classic. Every season, Crunchyroll serves up a new selection of anime shows to watch, of all different genres. Some of these anime shows are brand-new, while other titles are mainstays returning with a new season.

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The fall 2019 season on Crunchyroll has arrived, and anime fans have plenty of exciting titles to choose from. There are a lot of newcomers to watch this autumn, such as a few isekai titles or traditional Shonen action series. A few other popular anime titles are coming out with new seasons, too, and these fan favorites are a fine way to pass a chilly afternoon. Which titles should you try out? Here are our picks!

10 Black Clover

Black Clover has returned in fall 2019, with its third season well underway. This series is about the two orphans, Asta and Yuno; both abandoned, and both determined to become heroes. Asta has no magic power, contrasting sharply with everyone else around him, while Yuno is a prodigy of wind magic.

They develop a friendly rivalry, and Asta gains a very rare five-leaf grimoire that grants him an elf sword and anti-magic.

9 My Hero Academia

The mega-popular My Hero Academia also returns with a new season, hotly anticipated around the world. At the end of Season 3, the hero All Might fought his final battle to vanquish All For One, and the League of Heroes is gaining even more power with a new leader, Overhaul.

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Izuku Midoriya has met Mirio Togata, another physical fighter and fellow student, and both boys are about to face new adventures and battles in the new season. The world may never be the same again.

8 Food Wars!

Another returning anime, set to launch its fourth season any day now (as of this writing). In Food Wars!, young chef Soma Yukihira leaves his family restaurant to enroll at the prestigious Totsuki Food Institute, and this creative, cheerful chef is determined to reach the height of the culinary world.

He has to contend with bitter rivals, the elite Council of Ten, eccentric teachers, and culinary challenges of all flavors. As of now, Soma and his classmates are in the food battle of their life to save Totsuki from the tyranny of Azami Nakiri, the insidious new dean. Season 4 will see this battle through to the end for sure.

7 We Never Learn

This popular and charming rom-com returns with a fresh second season. In this series, a smart high school boy named Nariyuki Yuiga is asked to tutor three of his classmates: Fumino Furuhashi,Uruka Takemoto, and Rizu Ogata, and get them ready for college.

The tricky part is that while each of these girls is brilliant in one field of study, and a total lost cause in all others! Nariyuki has his hands full with these three, and soon, sparks might start to fly...

6 High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World

Now for an isekai anime, and a newcomer series in the fall 2019 lineup on Crunchyroll. The adventure begins when a plane carrying the seven smartest high school students in the world crashes in a mysterious new fantasy world, and these high school geniuses are ready to make the most of it.

They're starting over with practically nothing, but with their smarts and some advanced gadgets from the plane, they're ready to transform this world for the better! We hope. It's not entirely clear yet how they're going to apply their advanced skills in this unsuspecting world...

5 Ascendance of a Bookworm

This is another isekai anime, and its charming lead, Myne, is probably among the youngest isekai heroes out there (a girl of just five years). One day, the book-loving girl wakes up in a fantasy world, and she's in the body of a girl her age named Myne, complete with a family.

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Myne's family live a simple and rustic life in a walled city. No computers, no college, no books! Young Myne isn't content with this, though, and she's doggedly determined to either buy a book of her own... or make one! Knowledge is power, and this little lady is on a quest to learn it all.

4 Assassin's Pride

The fall 2019 anime season explores the darker side of magic with Assassin's Pride, another new anime for fans to try out. We explore a dark world where the last remains of humanity are confined to a single city surrounded by darkness and werewolves, and the city is divided into glass domes.

The nobles and commoners live in a tense peace, and we soon meet Melida Angel, a girl who may or may not have a claim to the noble Angel family. An assassin, Kufa Vampir, is asked to do two things: train her in magic, and if his student is not actually a carrier of noble blood, assassinate her! He might not entirely agree with those terms, though.

3 Dr. Stone

The hot new anime known as Dr. Stone can be thought of as a soft isekai. There is no magical alternate world, but then again, a mysterious energy wave turned all of humanity to stone one day!

Some 3,700 years later, brilliant high school student Senku awakens and finds himself in a new Stone Age. At once, he sets out to find a cure for the stone condition, as well as reinvent anything that will help a new humanity survive. With the power of physics, chemistry, and more, he'll make a new kingdom of science, or die trying!

2 Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun

Suzuki Iruma, age 14, doesn't have the most glamorous life. He works hard manual jobs for his parents, and while it's taught him the value of hard work and survival, it's not the way he wanted to grow up. Not-so-luckily, an elderly demon literally swoops in and steals him away!

Iruma, not seeing any other choice, agrees to become the old man's foster grandson and enters a local high school for demons! Iruma has to tread carefully, since his human status makes him an outsider, but if he can get by he just might graduate with honors.

1 Fire Force

From the creator of the popular Shonen title Soul Eater comes Fire Force. In this near-future world, humanity lives in fear of spontaneous combustion, and once it happens, the victim becomes a flame-bound Infernal. They will burn and suffer until the Fire Force arrives to extinguish them for good and allow their soul ascend to heaven.

These are no ordinary firefighters, as some of them can wield supernatural fire abilities. The Fire Force is connected to a church to help escort the unfortunate souls of Infernals to the peaceful afterlife. Not only that, but conspiracies lurk in the shadows, and it's possible that many Infernals are made deliberately, by human hands!

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