Anime Expo: Yen Press to publish "Erased" manga, "Attack on Titan" choose-your-own-adventure style book

Anime Expo, the largest anime convention in North America, ended yesterday, and after a flurry of news on Friday, there were more announcements over the weekend: Yen Press will publish the manga "Erased" and "Bungo Stray Dogs," Kodansha Comics has an "Attack on Titan" themed choose-your-own-adventure book in the works, Viz will continue to publish the "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" manga, and Vertical has licensed the "Nisimonogatari" light novels.

Yen Press had already announced a number of new licenses, but at a panel sponsored by the Japanese publisher Kadokawa, they revealed two more: The time-travel story "Erased" and the action manga "Bungō Stray Dogs." Anime based on both series are currently available on Crunchyroll. Earlier this year, Kadokawa purchased a 51% share of Yen Press, making it a joint venture with the original owner, Hachette. At the same time, Kadokawa announced a partnership with Crunchyroll. At the panel, Yen Press publisher Kurt Hassler said Yen manga and light novels are now available digitally on Kadokawa's Bookwalker e-book service and that the company's goal is to make all its books available in digital format. Yen also publishes on other e-book platforms such as Amazon's Kindle.

Kodansha Comics' announcements included

• "Attack on Titan Adventure," which will allow the reader to choose their own path through a branching storyline based on Hajime Isayama's manga.

• "Ichi F," Kazuto Tatsuta's memoir of working as part of the cleanup crew at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, which was damaged in the March 2011 earthquake.

• "Fire Force," about a world where devils cause spontaneous human combustion—and only a special group of firefighters can douse the flames. This series is by "Soul Eater" manga-ka Atsushi Ohkubo.

• "Toppu GP," the new motocross series from "Oh My Goddess" creator Kosuke Fujishima; Kodansha is already publishing this digitally on its site.

• "Clockwork Planet," a "post-apocalyptic steampunk saga" based on a light novel series.

• Digital re-releases of Del Rey manga, including "Alive," "School Rumble," "Princess Resurrection," and "Nodame Cantabile," which we noted last week, and "Blame!," which was originally published by Tokyopop. Vertical Comics announced they had the license in February for the print edition of "Blame!" And, the Kodansha folks said, there are more digital re-releases on the way.

At Viz's Shonen Jump panel, Japanese "Shonen Jump" editor Hisashi Sasaki announced that Viz will publish the fourth story arc of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure," titled "Diamond Is Unbreakable," as well as JoJo creator Hirohiki Araki's "How to Create Manga."

Vertical Comics announced that it has licensed the "Nisimonogatari" light novel series by NisiOisin and VOFAN. This two-volume story is one of a series of novels by the two creators.

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