Anime-Expo: Day One, Part Two

The rest of my day was really quite awesome. I won a raffle, ended up joining a panel -- spontaneously! -- and met some very cool ladies of manga and anime blogging. Oh yes, then I went to the AMV show.

It was a full, rich, exhausting day.

Friday's schedule looks to be just as insanely busy.

Upon returning to the convention center I headed straight for the Press Registration booth to find...they weren't there. Oh well. Conventions operations listened to my pleas for a press pass and then wrote "Press" on my four day attendee pass. ("I can has press pass?") Clearly "Manga Before Flowers" is a class act all the way!

I then went onto the Manga and Anime in Academia panel....and was called out at the start of the panel by Lawrence Eng! Lawrence and Mikhail Koulikov (of AnimeNewsNetwork) were happy to have me hike up to the podium and share my "wisdom" as academic researcher of anime and manga culture. They are such lovely, nice guys and they were kind enough to treat me as an equal in spite of that fact I'm still working on my research, while they have completed their projects. It was an absolute blast to do the panel and take questions from the audience, and I can honestly say I've never had an audience that large when giving a paper in an traditional academic setting. They seemed to think I did a fairly good job as a panelist (and I really, really hope I did).

After that amazing experience I ended up staying in the same room for the LuvLuv manga panel....where I was able to meet Gia from A Geek by any other Name and Deb Aoki from About.com! (Amusingly, I'm probably more starstruck by superstar bloggers than I am by publishers or voice actors.) Deb tells me I need to get myself some business cards (I actually have some at home, d'oh!) but really, while networking is a lot of fun, I'm actually here as a researcher first. Also I kept on losing my pen(s) during the day and ended up borrowing Deb's (I swear I must come off as the biggest flake on the planet).

Anyway, the folks from Aurora Publishing were really cool and nice and I actually won one of the items raffled off -- a chocolate cell phone! (I never win anything so I must really be having a spectacular trip). I ended up talking quite a bit with the sales/marketer from Aurora and discussed the state of manga publishing. We pretty much confirmed something I've already mentioned on this blog -- manga publishers do best when they have a Japanese backer (or at least a backer with deep pockets in the case of Yen Press).

Finally to cap off the night I head to the AMV show 40 minutes late, which means I was able to avoid crazy-ass lines. Even though I was pretty late I was still able to see all the Drama Vids and the Comedy Vids showings. I didn't care much for the drama vids but there were some really great Comedy vids I might have to link to later this weekend if they are up on the web (My favorites: the Ouran vid "High School Never Ends" and a Haruhi vid "Girlfriend"). I ended up leaving after the comedy vids played, since I've never seen so many people in such a large theater and wanted to avoid the inevitable push/shove free-for-all once the show ended.

So that was the second half of a very eventful day.

Today's schedule is insane....

10:30am -- Technology, Entertainment and Licensing (Might skip this to be honest, we'll see)

Noon -- Viz panel

1:00pm -- Dark horse panel (20th Anniversary Panel)

3pm -- Noizomi / Right Stuff panel

4pm -- ADV industry panel

5pm -- DMP Industry panel

8:30pm -- June Manga/801 panel.

That may be too much for a delicate flower like me!

Chances are I might skip the Viz panel since they aren't all that interested in making a splash here anyway, while the 10:30 am Industry panel doesn't really appeal to me. Also I might forgo the DMP panel in favor of the June Manga panel (so sue me, I likes my yaoi.)

Which means I might be able to actually watch some anime with the fans at some point today.

Well, I'm signing off for now -- not sure if I'll pay for internet again until Sunday, when I can blog Friday and Saturday (if I can't resist the lure of the internets you may see updates earlier.)

Finally, wishing the Americans a Happy Fourth and peace and freedom for everyone!

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