Anime-Expo: Day 0

So my first time West of Des Moines, Iowa ever (oh shush, I grew up on the East coast) treats me to a bomb threat at the LAX airport. Fun!

This is going to be short and not very sweet but oh well. I feel the need to share my convention horror mildly inconveniencing stories. Also, my dinner last night was a small pack of Nutter butters. One could say I might be a little cranky. One *shouldn't* say if they want to keep all their limbs, though, is all I'm saying.

In spite of travel woes, I was able to pick up my badge (on Day 0) making this the first time I've managed to get this horrendous little "errand" completed before a convention officially began. I'm going to believe this is a good sign. I was going to stand in the "event tickets" line (so I can see the major AE "events" like the AMV contest and the opening ceremonies) but 10 hours of travel had wiped me out, not to mention standing in the line to get my actual badge (damn you fellow fans for being so punctual!) so I went back to the hotel after that.

Right now I'm trying to see if I can get press credentials because I blog manga for this site (Yes, you are allowed to laugh here). We'll see if that works out -- I'd love to cover the industry panels for you if at all possible).

Possible Schedule for Day 1 (Today):

Opening Ceremonies -- 10-11am.

Screening: Evangelion 1.0 (You are Not Alone) -- 11:30-1:30pm

Tokyopop On-Line Entertainment Review -- 1-2pm

AMV 101 -- 2-3pm

Anime and Manga in Academia -- 6-8 pm

Anime Music Video Contest -- starts at 8pm.

Not to mention a long, thorough visit to the "Exhibit Hall" which is basically where you buy tons of shit.

Considering how I am at these things (one shouldn't be able to get lost in a convention center but if it is possible I can do it) I'll be lucky if I make even HALF of that schedule. But I'm going to try!

At this moment I'm watching Anime-Expo "back stage" coverage on the Hotel channel which is really kinda cool, lame, and bizarre at the same time.

Meanwhile, internet at this hotel costs too damn much and only lasts one day at a time (slowly bleeding you dry) so I'm not sure if I'll be updating every day or not but I'll try.

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