Anime Annihilation: 25 Anime Icons We Need to See Fight Each Other

Not all anime are about battles, but a large chunk of the medium focuses on clashes of some variety, be it physical fights or some other match of some kind. Thus, similar to comics fans, fans of anime are often prone to coming up with "who-would-win" scenarios between their favorite characters. Regardless of whoever you're rooting for, these kinds of fan fights would be awesome to see, which is why we decided to list off some of our most-wanted anime crossover fights. We're going to cover everything from powerhouse clashes between Dragon Ball and One-Punch Man characters to marksmen duels between anime's best sharpshooters to bring you some of the most-wanted anime crossover battles.

But, before we get into all the cool anime crossover battles we'd want to see, there are a few rules we have to establish. For one thing, we're not deciding who would actually win in these fictional fights, just appreciating and noting how cool it would be to see them unfold. Second, we're going to be pitting characters against opponents that are similar to them in some way, shape or form. Finally, we'll do our best not to repeat characters unless absolutely necessary so as to avoid pitting Goku and Saitama against every other super strong character. Additionally, if we left out a character clash you wanted to see, let us know in the comments what said clash would be and who you think would win. With all that out of the way, let's take a look at the 25 anime crossover fights we NEED to see.

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Starting us we have something of an unlikely duel between Rin Okumura and Mob, two characters that, at first glance, don't have all that much in common aside from both being students. However, when you look closer, it's easy to see their similarities.

Both characters exorcists of some kind, one deals with spirits and the other deals with demons, and both have a massive power hidden within them. Mob's power reaches greater potential when his emotions go unchecked, and Rin Okumura wields the blue flames of Satan himself—suffice to say, a clash between these two would definitely be a spectacle.


Two characters that were, at one point, their respective anime/manga's biggest antagonists are Gaara of Naruto and Crocodile of One Piece. Both characters also happen have sand-based abilities that make them perfect for a crossover battle—Gaara houses a sand demon within him and Crocodile ate the Sand Sand fruit.

Both characters' sand powers have their advantages; Gaara has a great number of sand-based offensive and defensive capabilities, but Crocodile's body being made of sand means that most attacks cannot harm him. Regardless of who wins, a fight between these two would be awesome.


Here are two characters that are similar in practically every way, shape and form, Cell of Dragon Ball Z and Meruem of HunterXHunter. Both characters appear to have exo-skeletons of some kind, have bug-like traits, are green with pink eyes, have massive power, value their perfection and think of themselves to be above everyone else.

Like we said, we're not looking to see which of these characters is stronger, we would just love to see a battle between these two bug-like villains, especially since they both have different types of abilities that would make for a spectacle of a fight.


The worlds of Bleach and Fairy Tail are pretty different from each other, but they have ice elementals in common. Thus, we are pitting Bleach's Captain Hitsugaya and Fairy Tail's Gray Fullbuster against each other, as both characters use ice to create weapons and constructs.

Gray uses a magic known as Ice Make magic, which lets him create objects out of ice, making him a walking arsenal. Captain Hitsugaya is similar with his power to create ice dragons and such to attack his opponents, which would be awesome to see pitted against Gray's powers.


Next up we have sins versus sins, the titular characters of The Seven Deadly Sins and the Homunculus of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, who are named after the seven deadly sins. That might seem confusing, but the point is that these two sets of characters would make for an epic team-versus-team battle.

While the Homunculus likely don't have the same physical power as the Sins, they do all have impressive regenerative abilities—where only one Sin has a similar healing factor—and each possess unique powers, much like the Sins, who each have different magical abilities.


Next up we have two fire-powered combatants, Shoto Todoroki of My Hero Academia and Roy Mustang of Fullmetal Alchemist. At first, this battle might seem a little one-sided, since Shoto has the additional power of ice and his fire appears stronger than Mustang's Flame alchemy.

However, upon a closer look, what Mustang lacks in power, he more than makes up for in precision and scale, since he can set fire to specific parts of the body and cause an entire city to go up in flames, two factors that would make a clash with Todoroki one epic fight.


Though Natsu of Fairy Tail does not have powers similar to Luffy of One Piece, the two are still perfect for a crossover battle, since they are both relatively happy-go-lucky Shonen protagonists that love fighting and eating.

Who knows how strong fire is against the powers of the Gum-Gum fruit, or vice versa, but we know one thing, seeing Luffy fight Natsu in a clash of devil fruit powers and dragon slayer magic would be one heck of a duel that definitely needs to happen at some point.


Next up is a clash of Cyborgs between Dragon Ball Z's Android 17 and Genos of One-Punch Man. Both characters are rather quiet and stern human-machine hybrids that boast a ton of power, so seeing them duke it out would be a sight to behold.

Both characters have advanced powers and upgrades that more or less cancel each other out, so who's to say who would win, we just want to see the action that would result from these two mechanically-enhanced warriors going one-on-one in an all-out brawl.


After proposing a crossover fight featuring Android 17, we couldn't resist doing the same for Android 18, who we pitted against Major Motoko of Ghost in the Shell.

This is another fight that seems like it might be a bit one-sided, since Android 18 has a ton of strength and power compared to the more military-based abilities of the Major, but we still think the battle would be awesome to watch unfold. Think about how Motoko would combat Android 18's immense power with stealth, tactics and a vast array of weaponry, it would be a blast to watch!


You know what's cool? Explosions. You know what's cooler? Characters who can create explosions, like Bakugo of My Hero Academia and Guila of Seven Deadly Sins. These characters would make for a great crossover battle, both because they have similar abilities, and because their personalities are so different, making for some great potential banter.

Bakugo's explosions are powerful and have a lot of applications beyond attacking, but they are limited to his hands, whereas Guila's explosion magic lets her send possibly less powerful explosions across a wider ranger, making for a unique contrast.


Next up is a battle of ninja speed between Naruto's Rock Lee, and Speed O' Sound Sonic of One-Punch Man. Both characters are shinobi known for their speed, but which of them is the fastest?

A race or a battle of speed would decide the winner between these two nimble ninjas, and even though they'd be moving a mile a minute, we have no doubt this clash would be breathtaking to watch. Does Rock Lee's Taijutsu beat the Speed O' Sound ninja, or is the opposite true? We'd love to find out.


Though these two characters couldn't be more different, they do have one thing in common, they both have wind-based powers; Wendy of Fairy Tail uses sky-dragon-slayer magic and Inasa of My Hero Academia has the power to control whirlwinds.

Wendy's sky dragon magic leans more towards support (healing, buffing, etc.) than attacking, but when she accesses the Dragon Force, her wind abilities are much, much stronger, and if she used said powers against Inasa's Whirlwind Quirk, we're sure the ensuing battle would be one heck of a fight.


If asked to name two brooding samurai-like, sword-weilding anime heroes with supernatural abilities and an ever-present scowl, we imagine the top two answers would be Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach and Inuyasha, whom we think would make for an awesome crossover fight.

Though Ichigo's many abilities and powered up transformations possibly make him far stronger than Inuyasha, a duel between these two would no doubt be a lot of fun to see take place, since they are both hot-headed swordsmen and have a variety of interesting powers.


Sword Art Online and Log Horizon have similar premises; they're both about being trapped in an online game, with the former depicting the characters' struggle to escape the game and the latter showing how the characters adjust to their new in-game life.

Since these anime are so similar, we decided to pit their main protagonists against each other—Kirito and Asuna versus Shiroe, Akatsuki and Naotsugu—for an epic battle of fantasy game fighters. Shiroe, Akatsuki and Naotsugu have a wide variety of skills and strategies and Kirito and Asuna make such a good team that a 3-on-2 fight would interesting to see.


This entry is a bit different from the others, since it wouldn't be a fight that we'd want to see between One Piece's Sanji and Food Wars!'s Soma, it would be some kind of cooking challenge.

Perhaps the two could compete in a Food War, which Food Wars! is known for, or perhaps it would just be to see who could make the better version of the same meal. Either way, a clash of cooking between these two anime chefs would be just as entertaining as any fist-fight on this list.


Like the previous entry, this one wouldn't be a battle between warriors. Instead it'd be a game of wits between two of anime's most cunning, supernatural-assisted strategists, Light Yagami of Death Note and Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass. Both characters have ample intelligence despite their young ages, which makes them just as dangerous as the fighters on this list.

Who knows what competition would determine the greater mind of the two—perhaps a simple game of chess or perhaps a more dangerous game of strategy—but however it goes down, seeing these two in a duel of wits would be epic.


Sinon of Sword Art Online is only capable of great shooting feats within the world of Gun Gale, but that doesn't mean we don't want to see her compete against Gurren Lagann's Yoko Littner in a competition of sharp shooters.

Something as simple as target shooting could determine which of these two snipers is the better markswoman, but we'd love to see how these two would do in a higher-stakes duel, perhaps a battle within Gun Gale. However they determine a winner, there's no doubt these two sharpshooters need to compete against each other.


Saitama and All Might are pretty similar when you think about it; they are both heroes that are purposely overpowered, though for different reasons—Saitama is overpowered as a means of parodying Shonen protagonists, while All Might is overpowered so that when he is defeated, it shocks the world.

Both because of how powerful these two heroes are and because of the reasons for said power, we would love to see them face off against each other. Both heroes also fight using the shockwaves of their punches, so we'd be sure to see a visually appealing fight if they ever clashed.


Next up is a fight between two of anime's coolest space hero protagonists, Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop and Gene Starwind of Outlaw Star. Both characters are pretty much human and both have encountered some form of supernatural phenomenon, using their hand-to-hand combat and sharp shooting skills to get out of some tough situations.

Gene has a few tricks up his sleeve that would be sure to give Spike a run for his money, like his caster shells—bullets that basically shoot magic—and his shield projectors, but Spike is the better martial artist. Suffice to say, this clash would be epic.


Seeing Eren battle other Titans is great and all, but what would be even cooler is seeing him face off against The Seven Deadly Sins' resident giant, Diane—who we are using again on her own since there aren't many giant characters in anime.

Eren's Titan form boasts great strength and the ability to harden. Similarly, Diane is just as strong and can turn her body to metal, thus her ability to control the Earth and Eren's regenerative powers would be the deciding factors of what would be an awesome battle.


In terms of magic and variety of weapons abilities, Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail outclasses One Piece's Zoro, but if we were to put the two against each other with nothing but simple swords, then we'd have ourselves a much more even and much more entertaining crossover fight.

Even if we restrict her to just her two-sword fighting style, Erza is still a formidable foe, her magical strength and fighting expertise standing on the same level as Zoro's three-sword fighting style and Haki abilities, which we'd love to see clash in a potential battle.


Edward Elric is a prodigy Alchemist, one who's ability to transmute without a transmutation circle makes him rather formidable in a fight. His alchemy, which can convert matter from one form into another, is very similar to the Quirk of the recently introduced My Hero Academia villain, Overhaul.

Since both characters can break down matter and rearrange it into other formations, a fight between them would no doubt be awesome to see. Overhaul's power appears to be somewhat stronger than the practice of Alchemy, but Ed has other skills that could possibly earn him the win.


Maka Albarn of Soul Eater and Ryuko Matoi of Kill La Kill are pretty similar when you look at their powers, skills and weapons; both characters are gifted fighters, both use bladed weapons and both are aided in battle by talking equipment of some kind—Maka's partner is Soul Eater, who turns into her scythe, and Rykuo is aided by her Kamui, Senketsu.

So how would their powered up weapons scale up against each other? We're not sure, but a fight between Maka's visually epic fighting style and Ryuko's unbridled determination and ability to rise from the ashes would definitely be epic.


Voltron is one of the oldest mecha anime in history, so we think it makes sense to pit the titular robot against a mech from an anime that set out to subvert the genre that Voltron contributed to. In this battle of the bots, we are pitting the classic paladins of Voltron versus Simon and Kamina in Gurren Lagann in its most basic form (plus its jet pack upgrade).

In nearly every facet, these two multi-pilot mechs are evenly matched, both weilding incredible strength and powerful weapons that would lead to an awesome fight.


Our last entry—as well as our only other character repetition—has been proposed by fans ever since One-Punch Man first came out: a battle between Saitama and Dragon Ball's Goku, the character who subverts and satirized Shonen protagonists versus the character who established the archetype.

Though pitting Saitama against Goku somewhat defeats the point of his character—as he is meant to make fun of power scaling and the like—we can't deny that we'd love to see the spectacle of these two god-like characters going at it with all of their might.

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