10 Most Toxic Anime Couples

There is a lot of quality anime couples and romance out there, but then there are some that are just ugly. They definitely are not for everyone's entertainment, as they can easily be infuriating and sometimes outright disturbing. However, in another sense, they teach us lessons about what to avoid in real life.

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So take these couples as a warning. These characters range from cheaters to obsessive or outright psychopathic. Some of their stories rightly do not end well while others really stretch what is believable as a successful romance. Here is what we have found.

10 Yuno & Yuki From Future Diary

Yuno is a token Yandere character, which means she can be sweet one second and then utterly psychopathic the next. She is obsessed with the anime's main character, Yuki. Yuki does not have the same feelings towards her but decides to manipulate her to his advantage since she is smarter and stronger than him in combat.

Due to Yuki's fear and needing Yuna to protect him; he endures being drugged and kidnapped by Yuna and her attempts to kill his friends. He even continues to follow through after discovering that she killed her own parents.

9 Sawa & Takao From The Flowers Of Evil

When Sawa witnesses Takao steal the undergarments of a girl he idolizes at school, she blackmails him into a "contract" with her. However, while still in the contract with Sawa, he becomes the boyfriend of the girl he idolizes, Nanako. Sawa manipulates Takao through blackmail and treats him like a play-thing.

Hating normalcy and respectability, Sawa wants to drag Takao down into the depths of chaos with her. She makes Takao even wear Nanako's gym clothes under his own while going on a date with her. Whenever it seems Takao is catching a break, Sawa is around the corner to ruin his day. It never means anything good when she is smiling.

8 Makoto & Sekai From School Days

This romance was so toxic that it ends in murder. Do not let the cuteness of the animation fool you, this series is as dark as it gets in terms of toxic relationships. Makoto starts with a crush on Kotonoha, so a girl named Sekai decides to help him. Unfortunately, she starts to fall for him, and they start hitting it off. He begins to date both girls at the same time without telling them. Soon, he starts dating way more than just two girls. Everything gets even crazier when Sekai tells him she is pregnant.

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Right when Makoto starts to straighten up and just date Kotonoha, Sekai comes and kills him. Kotonoha comes to see him dead, and then kills Sekai for revenge. It is still debated among fans whether Sekai was telling the truth about her pregnancy.

7 Light & Misa From Deathnote

It was obvious that Light did not care about Misa, but when he learned about her power of Shinigami Eyes, he decided to use romance to manipulate her and use her powers to reach his own goals. Poor Misa was none the wiser.

Misa already looked up to Light with extreme awe. The two use each other for their desires, but the desires never overlap. Light sees Misa as a tool and Misa sees light more like a god. There was even a point where Light wanted to kill Misa because he saw her as a threat.

6 Takayuki & Mitsuki From Rumbling Hearts

The premises of Rumbling Hearts is horrifying. Basically, there are two best friends, Mitsuki and Haruka, and the latter is dating a man named Takayuki. Through a tragic accident, Haruka goes into a coma.

While Haruka is in the coma, Mitsuki and Takayuki romantically hit it off. Years later, Haruka comes out of the coma. Takayuki has the idea to date both of the girls at once without telling them. Yikes.

5 Pico & Tamotsu From Boku No Pico

This anime is infamously despised due to its disturbing central romance. First of all, Boku No Pico features a 15-year-old dating a 22-year-old. That alone makes the relationship illegal in most countries. Pico is drawn to look even younger than 15 too.

The romance is sexual in nature, making this unwatchable for most curious anime lovers. The fact Pico is a boy and Tamotsu is a man does not help matters, which echoes anime's habit of depicting non-heterosexual relationships in a less than great light. It is not the example of romance many will be able to enjoy.

4 Erika & Kyoya From Wolf Girl And Black Prince

The protagonist, Erika, decides to lie to everyone that she has a boyfriend. So she took a photo of a handsome stranger, only to discover he is a popular boy at her school. She gets him to play along, which is when things get weird.

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The boy, Kyoya, starts calling Erika his dog and wants her to answer to his needs and desires whenever he asks. Luckily the favors he asks for never become sexual, but it is still mentally abusive for poor Erika. The worst part is that they actually become a couple.

3 Misaki & Akihiko From Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance

Here is a relationship between an 18 and 28-year-old. Once again, it's a little like Boku no Pico in terms of the age gap and the sexual nature of the relationship. However, what this show passes as romances seems to lack a certain amount of consent.

Unfortunately, this is a staple theme of a lot of "boys love" anime and manga. Some really questionable behavior is played off as humor. While some fans do not think about these themes too hard, it does make the show very hard for many others to enjoy.

2 Domyouji & Makino From Hana Yori Dango

This pairing shows that a man can get away with a lot if he is rich. In the relationship between Domyouji and Makino, the former tries to dominate the latter not only through his money but also physically.

Domyouji even blackmails Makino's family and kidnaps her at one point. Basically, he tries to buy her love. The worst part? It works and the two fall in love. Sure, the anime claims that Makino loves him for him but that is hard to believe when he is such a jerk to her.

1 Shizuku & Haru From My Little Monster

This relationship announced itself as a problematic one pretty quickly. In the very first episode, Haru threatens to sexually assault the main character. So yes, anyone in their right mind would back away from this guy. However, Shizuku instead keeps hanging out with him. His psychopath behavior is portrayed as humorous and is tempered with cuteness.

One second Haru is putting a girl in a choke-hold, the next he brings his cute pet chicken to school. The anime tells the story of how a schoolgirl can "tame" a violent man. Those with romantic experience would know that is far from the truth; in fact, it is just plain dangerous.

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