10 Anime Characters Who Are More Powerful Than Avatar Korra

Able to control the very forces of nature, the Avatar is one of the strongest foes you could ever have the displeasure of facing. With subtlest of gestures, the Avatar could create a landslide. With a breath, the Avatar could suck the air of your lungs! People like Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra took a more pacifistic approach to their roles, but don't mistake their meekness for weakness - these are two of the most powerful characters in fiction!

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However, anime characters have a tendency one constantly one-upping one another on the OP scale. There are characters out there that make Avatar Aang's and Avatar Korra's feats look like child's play! Here are ten such characters that could give the 'Spirits of the Planet' a run for their money.

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10 Saitama

These days, the Caped Baldy is something of a mainstay in discussions like this. Whether we're comparing comics to manga or films to anime, you can't talk about strong characters without acknowledging Saitama. For goodness' sake, the name of his series is One Punch Man!

The reason that we rank Saitama so low, however, is because he's a joke character who's supposed to be insanely overpowered. The Caped Baldy's creator One actively discourages fans from taking Saitama too seriously. It'd be like saying that the strongest villain in comic books is the eraser at the end of an artist's pencil. So yeah, Saitama probably would destroy Avatar Korra with one punch - that's his schtick after all. We could also imagine Korra bending the air around Saitama and suffocating him. Something tells us that One would approve of Saitama losing in an unconventional way.

9 Shigeo Kageyama

Moving from one of, er, One's creations onto another, let's talk about Shigeo Kageyama - better known by his nickname Mob. A high school student with incredibly psychic power, Mob can perform impossible feats when his emotions run high! Otherwise, he's a meek kid who wants to be normal more than anything.

Though Shigeo's power is still growing, he's got raw strength to spare! Even in the Avatar State, we imagine that Avatar Korra would struggle to hold her own against Mob. Korra's best bet would be trying to remove Shigeo from the battlefield. Otherwise, we imagine that the psychic would make short work of the Avatar.

8 Ichigo

For anyone doubting whether Bleach's hero Ichigo Kurosaki stands a chance against Avatar Korra, we have two words: Getsuga Tenshou. Giving Korra the benefit of the doubt, she'd probably be able to hold her own against Ichigo's base Shinigami form as well as his Fully Awakened Shinigami form.

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However, that's only the tip of Kurosaki's immense spiritual power! Ichigo could keep pushing himself until he reaches his Final Getsuga Tenshou form or even his Horn of Salvation mode, and end the fight with a single slash! Moreover, there's a strong possibility that Ichigo could harm Raava; after all, he's fought and killed spirits for years - and the Avatar is the "Spirit of the Planet in human form" according to canon.

7 Simon

Simon shouldn't be counted out of the fight just because he hails from the shortest series in this article. As the leader of Team Gurren, Simon's the "manliest and toughest" human in his galaxy. Don't believe us? Well consider this as proof; Simon's capable of piloting a giant robot that's larger than our entire Solar System!

As a cherry on top, Simon can also use Spiral Energy to create a Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - a cosmic entity that dwarfs our entire universe! We're sad to say it, but we don't imagine that Avatar Korra even remotely stands a chance against Simon and his reality breaking robots.

6 Asta

Asta's the new kid on the block, so we've yet to see him even come close to his full potential. But that actually makes all of his feats scarier when taken into account; most of the other fighters on this list have years of experience, while Asta's only getting started.

Possessing loads of magical might and excellent combat skills, Asta's the sort of opponent that could adapt to Avatar Korra's tricks and techniques. As with most Shonen anime protagonists, Asta gets stronger when his life's in jeopardy. We can't imagine Korra keeping this hardheaded hero down for the count during a fight. We can, however, imagine Asta slicing through Korra's attacks and cleaving her in two!

5 Luffy


Much like Asta, Luffy's consistently been the underdog in most of his fights. The leader of the Straw Hat Pirates has faced mutated fish-men, dictators who can control desert sands, a few beings of alien origin, and an enormous dragon - managing to come out on top one way or another.

Luffy isn't just tenacious, he's also resistant to most forms of attack; only attacks from others who possess Devil Fruit powers can inflict lasting harm on him. Offensively, Luffy's a powerhouse who's keen on inventing new moves to tackle different situations. And don't even get us started on Luffy's Haki powers. Avatar Korra might seem like she's got the advantage thanks to the Avatar State, but one should never count ol' Straw Hat out!

4 All Might

Currently, in My Hero Academia, All Might's health isn't too great. That's the whole reason he's searching for an heir to All One in the first place. But in spite of his handicaps and limited strength, we're confident that All Might could obliterate Avatar Korra with ease! Even with one foot in the grave, All Might's trounced foes that make Korra's worst enemies look like harmless trash mobs.

To seal the deal, imagine Korra going toe to toe with a younger version of All Might - before the complications settled in. We imagine that Korra would throw everything that she's got at the Symbol of Peace, to absolutely no avail.

3 Naruto

One thing that most of the fighters in this article have in common, including Avatar Korra, is that they're all versatile combatants. These warriors can adapt on the fly and even give their foes a taste of their own medicine. Naruto Uzumaki exemplifies this trope; he constantly finds new ways to defeats his enemies when his previous attacks prove to be fruitless.

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Naruto also has an ancient spirit living in him and fueling his powers. Add in Uzumaki's Sage powers, and the fight is a done deal. Avatar Korra might not even manage to withstand Naruto's Rasengan - let alone his stronger signature attacks.

2 Goku

The World's Greatest Martial Artist, the Champion of Universe 7 - Goku holds claim to many impressive titles. But Kakarot's never been a fan of standing on ceremony; he'd much rather display his strength by trading blows than talking. Should you get on Goku's bad side, you'll need nothing less than divined intervention to survive the encounter!

Goku's got super strength, agility, durability, and endurance. He knows a slew of devastating attacks like the Kamehameha Wave and the Spirit Bomb, and he can amplify his power by going Super Saiyan. Moreover, Saiyans become more powerful after surviving near-death experiences. Avatar Korra hasn't faced anyone or anything like Goku before.

1 Kenshiro

Imagine being so powerful that buildings crumble to dust from coming into contact with you. Try to envision possesses enough strength to blow up a tank by punching it! Knives, bombs, and bullets do little more than tickle you and even the Grim Reaper can't keep you down for long.

Well, if your name is Kenshiro and you're the current Fist of the North Star, you don't have to imagine any of that - it's your reality! In many ways, Kenshiro is the predecessor of all unstoppable anime protagonist type characters. We're not exaggerating when we say that Avatar Korra would be utterly powerless to stop Kenshiro, let alone harm him. Korra bends the forces of nature in combat, but Kenshiro is a force of nature and one of the most OP anime protagonists of all time!

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