Animator founded Funnypages Press launches with 'Opposite Forces'

Official Press Release

[Opposite Forces #1]Naperville, Illinois - April 22, 2002 - Former Disney Supervising Animator and now Big Idea Productions Director Tom Bancroft forms "Funnypages Press," a comic book publishing and animation development company. Funnypages Press plans to publish "family friendly" comics that have the look and feel of some of your favorite animated shows, comic strips, and comic books. The initial releases is Bancroft's "Opposite Forces" #1.

Drawn in an animated style, "Opposite Forces" is the story of two very different people. Marty, a kind, but nerdy man, and Alexis, a beautiful, but snobby woman are thrown together when they accidentally gain super powers. They must work together to fight a foe they feel responsible for while trying to figure out their powers and not kill each other. "Opposite Forces" promises interesting characters, a possible alien invasion, and matzo ball soup! "Opposite Forces" is a 24-page black and white humorous on-going series.

After a year and a half at California Institute of the Arts, Funnypages Press founder, Tom Bancroft, moved to work at Disney's Florida Animation Facility at Disney/ MGM Studios. Over the next 12 years Bancroft animated on 5 animated shorts, numerous commercials, theme park animation, and 8 feature films inclusion "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST," "ALADDIN," THE LION KING," "MULAN," and "TARZAN". On the film "MULAN" Bancroft was given the opportunity to supervise the design and animation for the character of "MUSHU," the dragon. For this assignment Bancroft garnered RUEBEN and ANNIE Award nominations. He is presently a Director and Character Designer working on the new "Larryboy" cartoon series for Big Idea Productions in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to animation, Bancroft has been active as a comic book artist pencilling interiors, pin-ups and covers for Disney comics (Little Mermaid, Roger Rabbit, etc.), Image comics (Tellos, Danger Girl, and Intrigue), and Astonish Comics (Herobear and the Kid). Bancroft was the animator for the hard to find "Bone" flipbook for Jeff Smith of Cartoon Books.

Bancroft explains, "I hope when people see "Opposite Forces" they will come away feeling entertained! I had a blast making this comic and I think that fun is on every page!" Bancroft outlines his plans for Funnypages Press with the same zeal, "I plan on bringing in other friends, mostly animators, that are like-minded in their goals. Meaning, all the titles that come out of Funnypages Press should be character driven and acceptable for all ages. Bancroft adds one last goal for Funny Pages Press, "Everything we do should have the ability to spin off into animation. We are a comics company that has the talent and animation experience to not only create entertaining comic books but also develop those properties into animated shows or films."

Look for an announcement soon about the next Funnypages Press release, "Hubie" by Greg Hardin.

"Opposite Forces" #1 will be in the May PREVIEWS catalogue from Diamond Distribution for a July shipping release. For more information about "Opposite Forces," "Hubie." or other upcoming Funnypages Press releases please go to our web site at: www.funnypagespress.com. (Coming April 29)

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