Animated 'X-Men: Danger Room Protocols' will take you back to the '90s

If you're a bit nostalgic for the 1990s X-Men cartoon, you may want to brace yourself, because you're about to be transported back to your childhood.

Joel Furtado has debuted the introduction to X-Men: Danger Room Protocols, a new animated web series that's about as '90s as you can get without involving Mayim Bialik. A tribute to the '90s cartoons and comics, the biweekly series features a cast of mutants that'll be instantly familiar to fans of the era.

As Furtado explains in the video, the 18-episode series centers on Professor X putting teams of two X-Men at a time through training exercises in the Danger Room (hence the title), pitting them against threats ranging from Magneto to Mystique to Sauron. "I've put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the project," Furtado says. "I did it partially as a love letter to Marvel and my childhood, as well as a way to give something back to the fans."

The first episode will premiere Jan. 19 on Furtado's YouTube channel.

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