Animated Spider-Man Film Reportedly Taps Hirsch as Story Contributor

miles morales

A new report from The Wrap names "Gravity Falls" creator Alex Hirsch as a story contributor for Sony's animated "Spider-Man" film featuring Miles Morales. However, it is unclear how large a role he will play in developing the story, which is being written by "The LEGO Movie's" Chris Miller and Philip Lord.

The animated film is said to “co-exist” with live-action Spidey film projects, though it “will exist independently of the projects in the live-action Spider-Man universe, all of which are continuing.” Spider-Man franchise vets Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach will produce, along with former Sony Pictures Chairperson Amy Pascal, who will produce the new live-action Spider-Man film with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Sony officially confirmed Miles Morales as the superhero behind the mask in its upcoming animated Spider-Man film back in January.

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Hirsch is best known as the creator of "Gravity Falls," a Disney XD animated series that follows twin siblings Dipper and Mabel as they're sent off to live with their great-uncle (nicknamed "Grunkle") Stan for the summer. The trio investigate numerous supernatural occurrences in the town while helping Stan run his local tourist trap called "The Mystery Shack." The show cultivated a devoted fan base before it drew to a close last year.

Written and produced by “The LEGO Movie’s” Chris Miller and Philip Lord, the as-yet-untitled feature will hit theaters on December 21, 2018, roughly a year and a half after Sony and Marvel’s live-action Spidey film “Spider-Man: Homecoming” arrives on July 7, 2017.

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