Animated New Frontier - So Far, So Good!

I just saw this article on CBR about the New Frontier animated feature. Read on to see some sample photos (you can read more at the article), but suffice to be said - it looks very nice.

Then again, it IS Darwyn Cooke's work we're talking about here, so it should be hard to mess up...

They really captured Cooke's Batman well, didn't they?

Nice action scene...

Less thrilled with this Hal pic, but it is probably not the best shot to be showing people - kinda obscured.

I love how well they handled Cooke's J'Onn J'Onnz!!!

Was Cooke involved in the making of the film at all?

Does anyone know what else Stan Berkowitz has written? Is he someone I should have faith will not screw up Cooke's vision?

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