Angry <i>Star Wars</i> Fan Reviews Mr. Plinkett's <i>Phantom Menace</i> Review In 108 Pages

Last Monday, I reported on the existence of the third and final Mr. Plinkett Star Wars review, for Revenge of the Sith. I've never been a fan of these long-winded explorations, not just because I'm a die-hard Star Wars fan but also because I find the videos to be pretty monotonous overall. A few of you agreed with that sentiment in the comments, but one fan, Jim Raynor, has taken things to the next level.

Laying out his issues with Plinkett's review in a hefty 108-page breakdown (via /Film), Raynor rails against the popularity of the video with a detailed scene-by-scene dissection. He opens with quotes from Damon Lindelof and Simon Pegg praising the work and then sets out to explain his intent. "I’m writing this lengthy response to [Plinkett's real-life alter-ego Mike] Stoklasa’s review because it’s massively overrated, and simply wrong and even dishonest on numerous points," Raynor writes, going on to say that the review is "full of shoddy work and awful analysis."

To be fair, Raynor's ramblings mirror those of Plinkett's in many ways, albeit in written form. The massive document he's created is excessively wordy, often to the point of obscuring the key points, as illustrated in the following quote:

"Stupidity, exaggeration, getting overrated by sheep-like followers…the RLM review of TPM basically covers all of my pet peeves. It’s not even hard to show why it’s dumb, because some of the things in that review are just really dumb. But still, many people think that it’s the greatest and smartest fanboy work ever. I’ve seen it being said that videos, especially long ones, are a lousy medium for online discussion. That’s because someone often has to watch large parts of a video just to find the few moments that he’s looking for. While a written response such as this one can also be long, it is far easier to skim and quote from using search functions. That increases transparency and makes the truth easier to see. So I guess I’ll have to be the one who points out that the emperor has no clothes, and that Stoklasa’s review isn’t as smart as a lot of people think it is."

Look. Long-winded geekery is an Internet hallmark. I'm frankly surprised it took this long for the Plinkett reviews to find their similarly styled rebuttal. Plinkett and Raynor are both insane in their fanaticism, and I mean that as a compliment. This is Internet fanboyism taken to its most ridiculous extreme, and each work is a commendable effort in its own, odd way. I still don't get it because it's not my thing, but that's the bizarre beauty of this great beast we call the Internet.

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