Berserker Barrage: The 15 Versions Of Wolverine Ranked From Least Angriest To Most

The X-Men are one of Marvel's most popular teams and of the various members, Wolverine is definitely at the top. The character's gruff personality, torturous backstory, adamantium claws, and no-nonsense attitude have made him stand out from the rest, in both comic books and movies. Because of this, he has been the focus of many stories, including the majority of Fox's X-Men movie franchise. As most people know him, Wolverine, despite everything and everyone trying to turn him into a living weapon, has managed to embrace his lighter side and work with the superheroes of the world. He made connections. He loved. He lost. He got back up to fight another day.

There's a lot to his personality that makes him a compelling character, but the side that most people are interested in seeing is the wild one. Wolverine does his best to hide the savage persona that dwells inside. There are many times where he has to let the beast out. As we all know, Wolverine tends to be an angry character. While the main version of the character has a fairly good hold on his rage, there are other incarnations that can't say the same. Hide for cover as we rank the 15 angriest versions of Wolverine.

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While Wolverine tends to be unhinged, he is a walk in the park when compared to Scarlet Witch. After realizing her children were, in a way, a figment of her imagination, Wanda Maximoff could no longer take it. She had a meltdown and, when spurred by her brother, rewrote reality in a famous storyline called "House of M."

This new reality saw different versions of our favorite characters. The trick was that most of them didn't realize that reality had been changed. One of the ones who was aware of this difference was Wolverine. As such, the mutant had to work with other heroes to try and stop this new reality. Playing the part of the protagonist, Wolverine didn't get many chances to express his anger.


Believe it or not, Marvel made a few attempts to bring their characters into Japanese art forms. There were a few animated movies that took inspiration from anime, and they later attempted to make their own manga. One character who got the Japanese treatment was Wolverine.

If you weren't aware that this was ever created, there's a good reason for it -- the Wolverine: Prodigal Son manga wasn't fairly received.

The reason was that Logan was turned into a moody teenager. He still had a troubled past and had to work to overcome it in the present, but that only made his brooding worse. To his credit, he did get the chance to express his rage due to him being pumped full of angst, but that doesn't mean it was excellent.


There exists a universe in the Marvel saga where everything is turned into a noir movie. Dubbed the "Marvel Noir" Universe, it features grayscaled versions of popular heroes, the most popular of which being Spider-Man Noir. The webhead wasn't the only character to get his own comic in that universe, though, with Wolverine joining the pages soon enough.

Dubbed "Captain Logan," this version of Wolverine was a detective and worked alongside a trusted partner. He didn't talk much about his past, but everyone knew that it was dark. Due to keeping his feelings bottled up inside, Captain Logan could easily lash out at people who pushed his buttons enough. The Scott Summers of that reality confronted him, and Logan responded by cutting out his eye.


Wolverine doesn't have much of a fun side. Typically, he's all business and that's it. Because of this, he often serves as the perfect straight man when put in the same story as Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth is all fun and laughs, while Wolverine takes everything seriously. The two share an excellent dynamic that deserves to be on the big screen!

In Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth, we get to see both Wade and Logan in the Wild West.

Wade is named The Deadpool Kid, while Logan is the bounty hunter known as Wolverine. Seeking to make some extra money and get that irritating Deadpool killed, Wolverine spends the issue trying to hunt down his rival. As a bounty hunter, Wolverine has a shorter temper than normal.


When Fox decided that they would create a movie based on the X-Men, not many thought it would turn out as well as it did. As a matter of fact, it was the first big budget superhero movie to prove that an ensemble cast could actually work. This spawned a franchise of movies that mostly centered around one mutant: Wolverine.

In the films, Wolverine was brought for the Weapon X program before freeing himself and going out on his own. Charles Xavier found him and he became a member of the X-Men and fought for the protection of mutants around the world. Taking the role of the hero, this version of Wolverine never got to fully embrace his savage side. There was that final fight scene in Logan, but that was the only time.

10 X-23

Logan wasn't the only person to take the Wolverine name. After he had been operating for many years, he was shocked to find that some brilliant minds had cloned his DNA to make the perfect killing machine. The difference was that she was a little girl instead of a full-grown man. She was dubbed "X-23" and given the name Laura Kinney.

This new Wolverine had two claws on each hand and a claw through each foot.

She had the same powers as Wolverine, but was much more agile and seemingly deadlier. At first, she had a difficult time controlling her rage and learning to be a functioning member of society. With Logan's help she got a better handle on herself, but she is definitely one mutant that no one wants to mess with.


In comic books, the future is a scary place that often shows disastrous consequences. In a future comic involving the Guardians of the Galaxy, we get to see a Wolverine who is no longer himself both in mind and body. Seemingly gone from the equation, his mind has since been inhabited by Doctor Doom, leaving him entirely in the King of Latveria's control and nothing more than an adamantium skeleton. As you can imagine, this made him extremely dangerous and nearly unstoppable.

To make things more interesting, Wolverine went down in history as one of the most legendary mutants to date. The mutants that remained formed a society and they were all led by other mutants who stated they were related to the "Brood Slayer" otherwise known as Wolverine. All of Logan's descendants were savage dictators, though.


He is vengeance. He is the night. And he is out for blood. In the Amalgam Universe, Marvel and DC put their differences aside to jointly create a new continuity. It's here that the main characters were combinations of existing superheroes from each publisher.

One of their hybrid heroes was a cross between two popular characters in Batman and Wolverine.

Right off the bat, the two are a deadly mixture. Logan Wayne not only witnessed the murder of his parents before his eyes, but he was also drafted into the Weapon X program in Canada. After he was done, not only was he determined to be the scourge of crime in the world, but he also the savage animal instincts to back it up. He still had a conscience (he is a hero after all), but Dark Claw was filled with much more rage.


Wolverine is known as the mutant who was experimented on through the Weapon X program and gained a conscience. His past still torments him, but he managed to overcome it for the good of human and mutant kind. What if he never managed to gain control, though? What if Logan never had the power to beat the programming to turn him into the world's deadliest weapon?

In the "Mutant X" timeline, that's exactly what happened. Logan, Sabretooth, and Wildchild were all experimented on through Weapon X and none of them gained their sanity back. They remained savage beasts who formed a mutant pack of sorts as they roamed throughout the forests of Canada. Anyone who got close was easily cut down by these three powerful mutants.


Logan was born with an anger management problem, but he always managed to get a handle on it. However, due to his regenerative abilities and bone claws, he would end up being the perfect candidate for the Weapon X program. This procedure would replace his regular bones with adamantium, making him entirely indestructible.

The catch with this procedure is that Logan would be a blank slate that could be programmed to do whatever was deemed "necessary" by his superiors.

This version of Wolverine was unhinged, savage, and killed anyone whom he perceived to be a threat or anyone that the powers that be aimed him at. In the "Exiles" storyline, Logan was drafted into a much darker version of the Weapon X program that made him much more dangerous than he was in the 616.


The "Marvel Zombies" universe is known for its shock factor. The entire Earth was infected with a zombie plague. Naturally, the zombies who rose to the top of the food chain were the superheroes who got infected. Logan wasn't one of the initial ones who got infected, but after he got bitten in both arms, the disease overcame his healing factor.

Turning into a zombie mutant, Wolverine embraced his animal personality. Killing and eating whomever he wanted, it seemed that there would be no stopping the infected Logan. In further iterations of the "Marvel Zombies" universe, Wolverine has been shown to kill many people and he was also one of the zombies who was loyal to Giant-Man, thus killing any other zombie who tried to become a hero again.


What if Wolverine's programming had worked? What if Weapon X turned him into the machine that Stryker wanted it to? What if Logan was an unstoppable killing machine? In What if? Wolverine: Enemy of the State, we get to see a Logan that has effectively been turned into a pure Weapon X.

His only goal is to kill everyone in the world.

The heroes of the Marvel Universe band together to stop him, but without the knowledge of how to deal with an indestructible and immortal mutant, they aren't long for the world. Wolverine travels across the entire world and slaughters every hero in his path. While they think of some smart ways to try and stop him, nothing they do works and the Weapon X finishes his mission.


In the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline, the first mutant rose to power and attempted to conquer the world. While he nearly succeeded, the X-Men fought hard and brought down his rule. Together, the Marvel heroes worked to rebuild Earth after the fall of the terrible mutant, but that all changed when a strange spaceship crashed on the surface.

Logan went to check it out, and it turns out that it held Celestials who were ready to pass judgment on Earth. Wanting to save the world, he offered himself to the Celestials, who then turned him into Weapon Omega. With the new technology, it turns out that Logan became the heir of Apocalypse and lost all of his conscience and goodwill. He created a dark team, hunted down a child, and tossed his friends aside like they were nothing.


Vampires are one of fiction's greatest creation, so it should come as no surprise that the most famous X-Man has become one on numerous occasions. In fact, there's a whole issue of What If? attributed to the concept of Logan becoming Lord of the Vampires and taking his undead X-Men on a rampage through the streets of New York.

But this isn't the only time Wolverine was depicted as bloodsucker.

During "Curse of the Mutants" the X-Men had an encounter with Dracula's son, Xarus, which lead Jubilee to become a vampire for a minute and also had an infected Wolverine running around. But perhaps the angriest and most deadly version was the Woverine of Earth-666 who was a full-fledged vampire lord complete with killer instinct (and costume).


Wolverine was shocked one day to walk in a room and see it inhabited by all of the villains he ever fought. Not prepared to die there, he popped his claws and slaughtered them all. Then, he was horrified to see that he had been tricked by Mysterio into thinking that the X-Men were the villains -- he killed all of his teammates and swore then to never pop his claws again.

Decades later, in a post-apocalyptic Marvel Universe, he settled down with a family. Then the Hulk Gang arrived and killed his family for fun. After that, Logan popped his claws for the first time in decades and went to town. He went on a mission of vengeance to destroy the entire Hulk Gang. No more was he going to stand by, he was embracing the Weapon X side of himself by getting revenge on everyone who wronged him.

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