Rage Against The Green Machine: 15 Hulks Ranked From Least Angriest To Most

Of all the superheroes in the Marvel Universe, there are none more terrifying than the Hulk. While Bruce Banner often helps fight the good fight with the rest of the Avengers, he is a dangerous wildcard. Get him angry enough, and he could easily Hulk out and destroy an entire city in a matter of hours. Unfortunately for the people of the Marvel Universe, Bruce Banner is not the only Hulk to appear in the pages. Throughout the years, there are several other people who have also been turned into an enormous rage monster, as well as alternate universes that have even more sinister versions of the character.

It's also worth mentioning that not all Hulks are heroes. Many of them have embraced their angrier sides and turned into all-out villains. Even the entire strength of the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Inhumans can't bring them down. They are the most dangerous creatures in the entire universe. To fight a Hulk is to sentence oneself to an immediate death. With all of the angry Hulks that appear in comics, we are going through 15 of the most dangerous in the entire Marvel Multiverse. Don't mention puny Banner as we count them down.


The first Hulk on our list comes from "All-New All-Different" Marvel. With this rebooted Marvel Universe, the company decided to introduce a new Hulk to the pages. Dubbing this version the Totally Awesome Hulk, it was revealed that the man behind the giant was Amadeus Cho rather than Bruce Banner.

Amadeus wanted to become a better, smarter, and calmer Hulk than Bruce, and largely succeeded.

He was much more efficient and had a better handle on his powers. That said, he was limited in the strength he could achieve because he didn't allow himself to become so angry. That said, things are quickly changing for the new Hulk after he made his way to Sakaar to figure out a way to contain the monster inside.


It wasn't long before Bruce Banner had another Hulk in the world. His cousin, Jennifer Walters, had gotten in contact with some of Banner's DNA and ended up absorbing a portion of the gamma radiation as a result. Because of this, she turned into her own version of the Hulk, albeit without the sheer level of radiation that her cousin had.

Jennifer became known as She-Hulk and was a powerful character. However, she had a much better handle on the Hulk persona than her cousin did. Purposefully able to be more level-headed, Jennifer did become a fearsome foe when she let her temper get the best of her. She was also able to increase her strength by working out, and was a lot stronger than she looked.


Believe it or not, the Hulk ended up having a son. While he was on Sakaar, he had a relationship with one of the locals there. They had a child, but it wasn't born until after the entire planet was destroyed. Without parents to raise him, Skaar was raised by wild creatures and learned that the only way to survive was by killing others.

When it came time for him to come to Earth, he was ready to go against the Hulk and fight his father.

That said, Skaar's anger and power couldn't compare to his father's. That said, Skaar was a variant of the Hulk that would stab first and ask questions later. As a descendant of Sakaar, he was very adept at using weapons and caused a lot of issues down the road.


The Hulk doesn't have the same story throughout every universe. In an alternate reality, there is another version of Bruce Banner who had a different story. As a matter of fact, he wasn't even named the Hulk, even though he looked a lot like him. That said, he was stuck in a world where Apocalypse was its ruler. Because of this, one of his Four Horsemen made a deal with Banner, and he agreed to be subject to experimentation.

This led to the creation of Bruce Banner's new alter ego, the Incredible Thing. Being able to transform back and forth, he didn't have as much rage as classic Banner, but the addition of Apocalypse's influence made him a little more dangerous to the remaining residents of the Marvel Universe.


When Scarlet Witch lost her mind, she remade reality into a storyline known as "House of M"Many of our favorite heroes and villains had significantly different backstories in this timeline, and that includes Bruce Banner. He was still turned into the Hulk by a gamma radiation experiment, but the consequences of the exposure were much more severe.

Due to how much destruction he caused, he decided to flee the US.

When he awoke, he was met by Aboriginal people, who helped him. He stayed there with the tribe and became a functioning member there. He willingly decided to remain there for the rest of his life out of fear that he would hurt people and cause massive amounts of destruction if he were placed in the public eye again.


There was a Hulk and then there was a She-Hulk. Likewise, there was a Red Hulk and then there was a Red She-Hulk. Despite the unoriginal name, Red She-Hulk turned out to be one of the more fearsome Hulk villains to date. She seemingly appeared out of nowhere and fought Wolverine when he was least expecting it. Having a wild look in her eye, she was a force to be reckoned with.

As time went on, the Marvel heroes deduced that there was something seriously wrong with her mind. As a Hulk, she was extremely dangerous and was not to be approached. What made her appearance more memorable was the fact that she was actually Betty Ross -- Bruce Banner's love interest. Despite her secret identity, Red She-Hulk was still a savage character.


The Hulk is nearly indestructible. That being said, he's not really great at everything. He isn't great at maintaining control and usually punches first and asks questions later. That's why the Red Hulk was such a powerful adversary. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross was one of the people who opposed the Hulk, and he turned into a formidable Hulk villain.

Where he became more dangerous than Banner is because he had military training.

On top of an all-powerful body, he had training with a firearm and impressive strategic skills, which gave him an instant edge over the Marvel superhero. Seeing as Ross was an extremely evil individual, Red Hulk dialed his personality up to an eleven. He was fueled by his anger and hatred for Banner and the Hulk.


One of the most terrifying universes was where a zombie plague infected the entire Marvel Universe and turned most of the world's heroes and villains into the undead. Despite the best efforts of the superheroes of the world, all of them fell victim to the disease and became undead soldiers. Despite the horrifying result of a zombie Giant-Man and Spider-Man, there was no scarier monster than the zombie Hulk.

Marvel Zombies was already a terrifying series, but it went to an entirely new level when the monstrous Hulk entered the scene. Having a ravenous appetite and no regard for life. He was one of the creatures who helped tear down Galactus. However, once the zombies started to get over their hunger for human flesh, Hulk was unable to control his rage.


"Old Man Logan" is one of the bleakest pictures at what could happen to the future of the Marvel Universe. In that reality, the villains took over the world and most of the superheroes had already been killed. Wolverine chose not to pop his claws and settled down. However, that all changed when the Hulk Gang came and murdered his family for fun.

After this, Logan decided to take his issues straight to the Hulk Gang's leader, the Hulk himself.

This version of the Hulk was three stories tall and had an appetite for flesh. During his fight with Logan, he responded by eating the mutant. He was savage, sadistic, and a far cry from the Bruce Banner that comic book readers knew back in the day.


It's no secret that Banner isn't happy about his transformation into the Hulk. He loses control over his own body and has to wait before he can become himself again. In one reality, he came up with an impressive solution to his condition. He became the Sorcerer Supreme and banished his Hulk persona to Hell, never to hear from it again.

Unfortunately, the Hulk climbed out of the depths of Hell and became a demon known as the Infernal Hulk. Being a literal hell spawn at this point, the Infernal Hulk was one of the most sinister versions of the monster to date. Angry at Banner for banishing him to Hell, he came back with a chip on his shoulder and a thirst for revenge.


The Ultimate Universe was Marvel's attempt to create a new corner of their own universe and tell more unique stories with their characters. Among the new incarnations was the Hulk. Bruce Banner was in a seriously abusive relationship with Betty Ross, and that drastically affected his mental state.

Push came to shove and he decided to embrace the angry side of himself by turning into the Hulk.

The Ultimate Hulk was more of a villain than a hero. Enjoying violence and destruction, he willingly rampaged through New York with no indication that he cared for the innocent people he killed along the way. On top of that, his solution when fighting other people was to eat them. There were several times where the Ultimate Hulk ate his own villains and did so much worse to them.


What if the Hulk decided to become a villain? One Marvel reality dealt with this idea. The entire world got involved in a nuclear war and the radiation seemingly wiped out all life. However, the Hulk survived, due to already being infused with gamma radiation. Being the last Marvel hero remaining, he decided to rule the world and become a serious powerhouse. He also ditched the name Hulk and became known as the all-powerful Maestro.

Maestro ended up becoming one of the more dangerous Hulk villains, considering he was a future version of the Hulk. He would go on to face other futuristic Marvel heroes, like Spider-Man 2099. He was more of a dark ruler, as opposed to being beneficial to the people of the post-apocalyptic Marvel world.


It's often that people will pit two heroes against each other to see who would win in a fight. One of Marvel's best fights on this front is between Wolverine and the Hulk. However, they decided to bring the two characters together in a new superhero they labeled Weapon H. A series of experiments was done that combined Bruce Banner's gamma radiation with the Weapon X serum to create these monstrosities. Only one of them remains.

Weapon H was born for one thing: destruction.

Because of this, he attacks without mercy and slices anyone who gets in his way. That said, he doesn't kill the innocent. Instead, he has a thirst to destroy those who wrong him, and he doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty. Weapon H is one of the most frightening Hulks to date.


The Hulk had his life changed when the Illuminati decided the only way to keep him safe was to hurl him into space. Unfortunately for our favorite green superhero, the rocket went off course, and he landed on Sakaar, where he was forced to become a gladiator and fight for his own freedom. That said, he had to embrace his savage side in order to win.

This savage side was known as the Green Scar by the people of Sakaar. Hulk needed to survive, and he was willing to do whatever it took to ensure that he lived to fight another day. What makes the Green Scar so dangerous is that he maintains his intelligence as Banner, meaning that he can channel his anger much more effectively, turning him into a deadlier weapon.


Hulk had to become an entirely different person in order to survive Sakaar and the gladiator arena effectively. Where things got even more dangerous is when his planet was destroyed by Stark's rocket blowing up. Because of this, he blamed the Illuminati and decided to travel back to Earth to get revenge, angrier than he has ever been.

The following series, World War Hulk, depicted the Hulk at an insane level of rage.

He was powerful enough to take Black Bolt's scream directly to his face and even fight off all the Marvel heroes one could possibly think of. When it was revealed that one of his Warbound was actually responsible for his home being destroyed, Hulk reached new levels of anger that would've destroyed the planet if it weren't for Stark's intervention.

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