Angouleme prize winners announced

The Angoulême International Comics Festival ended today, and while the winner of the Grand Prix d'Angoulême, Katsuhiro Otomo, was announced on Thursday, the closing ceremony brought the announcements of the official prizes of the festival.

The prize for the best comic of the year (Fauve d’or/Prix du meilleur album) went to Riad Sattouf's L'Arabe du Futur, the first volume of an autobiographical trilogy about his childhood, which was spent in France and Syria. Chris Ware's Building Stories was recognized with a special jury prize, which is not given every year, only when the jury wants to draw attention to a work of special merit. The best series prize went to Last Man, which First Second will be releasing beginning in March. And there was a special Freedom of Expression prize, Prix De La Liberté D'Expression, which honored the five Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who were slain on January 7; this prize will be awarded in future years to creators who have advocated for freedom of speech.

Here's the complete list:

Prix du meilleur album: L'Arabe du FuturPrix Spécial du Jury: Building StoriesPrix de la Série: Last ManPrix Révélation (given to an emerging creator): Yekini: Le Roi Des ArènesPrix du Public Cultura (chosen by customers at Cultura bookstores): Les Vieux FourneauxPrix Jeunesse (young readers): Les Royaumes Du Nord, Vol. 1Prix Polar SNCF (mystery and suspense stories): Petites Coupures A ShioguniPrix du Patrimoine (reprints of works of historical significance): San Mao: Le Petit VagabondPrix de la BD alternative: Dérive Urbaine, Vol. 6

In addition to the official awards, there were several "discovery" prizes:

Prix Jeunes Talents (young creators): First prize: Camille Debray; second prize and women's prize, Chloé Francisci; third prize, Anna GriotPrix Challenge Digital: First Prize, Oscar Langevin, for Montagne; second prize, Aude Wiard for Contre toute attente; third prize, Exaheva for Tu ne peux pas te retournerPrix Révélation Blog: Mlle Karensac for Mais quel est ton but?Prix Jeunes Talents Poitou-Charentes (young creator from the region): Quentin JeulinPrix Concours "A L'Ecole De La BD": Margaut Shorjian (Prix d'Angoulême de la BD Scolaire), Louis Fourel (Lauréat Prix Graphisme), Catherine Manesse (Lauréat Prix Scénario), Fanny Ehl (Lauréat Prix Coup de Coeur), Thomas Ouedraogo (Lauréat Prix Région)

And there were three prizes that were voted on by students in the local schools:

Prix des Lycées De Poitou-Charentes: ChocPrix des Collèges De Poitou-Charentes: AlisikPrix des Ecoles D'Angouleme: Nas Poids Plume

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