"Angel: The Curse #1" Gets Third Printing

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San Diego, CA (August 15, 2005) IDW Publishing is proud to announce that fan support of Angel: The Curse #1 has necessitated an unprecedented third printing of that debut issue. Although the second printing was never even officially announced, a complete sell-out of both the first and second printings have necessitated the third printing. This is the first time in IDW Publishing's history that one of their comic book titles has required a third printing in order to fulfill fan demand.

Angel: The Curse, the first five-issue Angel miniseries from IDW Publishing, by writer Jeff Mariotte and artist David Messina, finds Angel on the run in a mysterious forest in Romania, searching for the Gypsy clan that cursed him so many years ago. Issue three of the five-issue miniseries will be in stores on August 24.

"While we're much too humble to announce every time one of our books garners a second printing," said Chris Ryall, IDW's humble Editor-in-Chief, "the sold-out status of both the first and second printings are a testament to Angel's fanbase, and something we wanted to make known. We also want to make it known that we're happily headed back to press to keep this issue available to anyone who wants to read it."

IDW's additional plans regarding Angel related projects include the second Angel mini-series, Angel: Old Friends, which kicks off in November. Also due out on August 24 is the first Spike one-shot, Spike: Old Times, written by fan-favorite Peter David.

The third printing of Angel: The Curse #1 is scheduled to be released in mid-September. The issue's item code is JUN058279 E.

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