Angel of Death is Good

Ed Brubaker's new online series, Angel of Death, debuted yesterday, and Brubaker scripted the first episode (the format of the show is basically a normal episode split into 8 minute pieces once a weekday) extremely well, as far as getting people's attention.

Zoë Bell is reminiscent of the character she stunt-doubled for in Kill Bill, Uma Thurman's Bride, although to be honest, from the little I've seen, while Bell is certainly a striking figure (and she excels at the action sequences), I have not yet seen real compelling emotions from her.

Luckily, she is surrounded by impressive character actors, most impressively the job that Justin Huen does as Franklin, her sort-of-sidekick.

Combine it with a catchy plot hook by Brubaker, and you have yourself an entertaining program.

Check out the first episode below (if you let it run, it will automatically go to the next episode).

From Crackle: Angel of Death Ep 1 "Edge" starring Zoe Bell

I did have some problems with the video, though - it froze on me a number of times (and obviously, I can't guarantee that the problem was not on my end, but I'm pretty darn sure it wasn't on my end). Let me know what you think (about the episode and how the video worked for you)!

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