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Angel & Faith: Season 10 #2

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Angel & Faith: Season 10 #2

“Angel & Faith Season 10” put Victor Gischler and Will Conrad in a slightly bad position for working on a book titled “Angel and Faith.” The previous series concluded with the title characters going their separate ways, so now that the book is renewed, they need to find a way to reunite them without being a cop-out. So two issues in, it’s nice to see that Gischler has resisted the urge to immediately re-form the band, with the title instead following their separate adventures.

I don’t think Gischler thinks that his audience believes that Angel and Faith will be apart forever, so instead it feels like he’s playing the game of making people wonder how rather than if they’ll be reunited. It’s a good tactic, playing up the difference in their two lives. Angel’s now in the underbelly of London, hunting down unsavory types while Faith is on the up-and-up, working with a large corporation that has health insurance and keycards. With Angel, it’s a familiar setting; with Faith, part of the entertainment is seeing her trying to adjust to these new surroundings.

Gischler is also doing a good job on following up on what Christos Gage set up in the previous series. It’s a smooth transition into the new plotlines, and the faces who have shifted into the new series feel like logical continuations of what we saw before. All in all, the handoff from Gage to Gischler has gone fairly well.

Conrad’s art in “Angel & Faith Season 10” is also pretty solid. While Rebekah Isaacs’ ability to draw licensed characters was fairly uncanny, Conrad’s doing a nice job here too. Characters don’t feel stiff or posed, and Angel and Faith are both instantly recognizable. Conrad is given a lot of non-human characters to draw in “Angel and Faith Season 10” #2, and it’s there that I think he really shines. From werewolves to lizard men, all of them are visually distinct and don’t come across like a person in a suit. The action sequences are easy to follow, too; when Tommy punches Angel in the face, for example, the recoil comes across clearly enough that we don’t need the “fwap” sound effect added in.

“Angel & Faith Season 10” #2 makes me feel like the series is on the right track. The previous volume was so much fun that it’s a relief to find it still moving in a good direction. So far, so good.