Would Oz Have Joined the Cast of Angel Had It Had a Season 6?

TV URBAN LEGEND: Seth Green would joined the cast of Angel in Season 6 as Oz.

Seth Green's Oz was one of those characters that was never intended to be a major player on a TV series but he was so good that they just kept expanding his role.

Oz was Willow's boyfriend on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

who late turned out to be a werewolf. He was written out of the series in Season 4 while Green was doing a movie and the temporary break became a permanent one, with Oz going off on the road to deal with his werewolf issues.

However, soon after he left, he then guest-starred on an episode of Angel...

As you all most likely know, Joss Whedon initially planned on Angel going on past Season 5, even making the ending of Season 5 a major cliffhanger, with hell literally being unleashed on Earth...

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Rumors are that Seth Green's Oz would have joined the cast of Angel in Season 6 as a recurring character helping Angel's new werewolf love interest deal with her werewolf life.

Here's one site talking about the plans for Season 6 had it occurred...

For a start, there would have been a bit of a reprieve for Fred, either with her personality re-asserting herself (though given the whole 'soul burned from existance' plot this seems unlikely) or Willow returning to help separate Fred from Illyria. Recurring werewolf and love interest for Angel, Nina, would have become a main character and Oz would have apparently returned (discussions were already underway with Seth Green) to appear for multiple episodes as a sort of guide to all things wolfy. And in a similar fashion to the comic, the first few episodes would have taken place in another dimension, as a result of the epic battle with Wolfram & Hart and all the horrors - dragon included - that they unleashed in Not Fade Away.

However, in an interview with IGN, Green debunked it all, noting, "IGN TV: There was talk that the Buffy and Angel writers had mulled over ways to bring you back, including in the Buffy finale and in Angel: Season 6, had it ever happened. Did you ever actually have conversations about that, or did it never get that far?

Green: It never really got discussed. I mean I did an episode of Angel and there was nothing but good will between me and the Buffy folks. There was a bunch of internet chatter around the time that the show was gonna wrap up, this whole thread that somebody brought to my attention about them calling me, them having written it, me saying I wanted too much money, there not being a schedule worked out. I winded up just calling Joss and being like, "Hey, I heard all this s**t going around. Is any of that happening?" He's like, "No! None of that happened." They were like "We didn't write it!""

So I guess that means that the legend is...


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