Andy Kubert To "Action Comics" In January

New York Comic Con is still four days away, but the news blitz expected to accompany the last big convention of the year has already started in earnest.DC Comics announced today via a story in the New York Post that artist Andy Kubert, fresh off the universe-changing "Flashpoint" event, will join writer Grant Morrison for a two-issue stint on "Action Comics" starting with January's #5. Regular series artist Rags Morales will be back for issue #7.

"When Editor Matt Idelson asked if I would be interested and/or able to fit into my schedule two upcoming issues of Action Comics with Grant, I couldn't say no," Kubert told DC's The Source blog in a follow up post. "I don't know of any other artist that would have. Drawing the latest incarnation of Superman and working with one of the best writers on the planet made it a very easy decision for me. And in this story, I get to do some VERY iconic stuff! I gotta admit, I'm a little nervous... Fun Fact for those keeping score: I had never drawn Superman in a comics interior for an entire issue. I had done inking over Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway for an issue each over their beautiful pencils way (and I mean WAY) back when but this is my first opportunity to pencil the Man of Steel interior pages for my very own!"

The Post also mentioned that DC will also "reveal the surprising origin of a longtime member of the Justice League" at the show and spoke with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about that company's plans for their Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man franchises.

For more, see the NY Post, and stay tuned to CBR for more on Kubert's move and all the news coming from New York Comic Con 2011.

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