Andy Hurley Responds to Dabel Bros.

Andy Hurley, comic book fan and drummer for Fall Out Boy has had enough drama. In a piece published on CBR Monday, Dabel Brothers Publishing, the would-be producers of an official Fall Out Boy comic book, responded to a recent CBR interview with Hurley in which the musician renounced his interest in and alleged involvement with the project, characterizing the concept of a comic book starring himself and his bandmates as characters to be "lame" and saying the project was never approved (a point Dabel Brothers refuted in a subsequent statement).

Hurley's remarks came several months after a Dabel Bros. press release announcing the deal with the band, which also contained a quote attributed to Hurley that seemed to indicate enthusiasm for the comic book. The passage read, "I've been a fan of comics my whole life and when the Dabel Brothers approached us about doing a story with FALL OUT BOY, it was like a dream come true," said Andy Hurley. "I'm excited to have the opportunity to create different versions of ourselves and tell an interesting story at the same time."

Hurley contacted CBR News to address the apparent contradiction, seeking to clear up his comments and explain where he stands on the Fall Out Boy comic's failure to launch. In his latest statement, the musician says the Dabel Bros. press release attributed to him a quote that he neither wrote nor said. The following is Hurley's statement in its entirety:

To respond to the Dabel Bros. statement: I was attributed to a press release that I didn't write or say.

The drama ends there.

To reiterate [my previous remarks to CBR News], "I think it was our management talking to people about it. I don't know what happened. All I know is there was a press release about it and then all of a sudden I get some emails from some of our people saying, "Hey, so you want to help write it?" And I was like, "If it's a comic about our band, it's the lamest thing ever." I mean, I'm not going to read it, so why would I help write it? So I kind of said that and they got back to me and said, "Well, we never said okay to this. We never gave it the green light. It just kind of went out and now we have to play catch up with it and deal with it." So with that whole thing, I don't really know what's happening. I wasn't really a part of it." I had nothing to do with the deal in the first place, and I still don't. I know nothing. I just fucking found out about this contract today when I read the article. When i contacted our people about it, no mention of a contract was made. What I said in the previous interview was how it played out to me."

Again, I have nothing bad to say about Dabel Bros. I wish them luck in all their stuff. But this is also misleading: "In an interview with CBR News earlier this month, Andy Hurley, noted fanboy and drummer for the popular emo/pop-punk band Fall Out Boy, addressed the subject of the announced but yet-to-be-released Fall Out Boy comic book from Dabel Brothers Publishing, saying he hardly knew anything about it; that what he did know was decidedly unsatisfactory; and that the project was never actually approved."

I never said what I knew was unsatisfactory. My comment about a comic about our band being lame had nothing to do with the Dabel Bros. company itself or their products. It had to do with my opinion on a comic about a band being a fucking stupid idea. I've never read or wanted to read a comic about a band - Unless it was Metallica, circa Cliff Burton era. Or about him coming back to life and being immortal. That's the only band comic I wanna read. Otherwise, I don't find any interest in them. If fans of ours do, great. If there is one about our band, and some people like it, great. I just have nothing to add to it, and don't want to personally be connected to it. I'm in this band to make music with my three best friends that have been my family for over 10 years. If people on the message boards think we should stop playing, and that we suck and should die, great. That's awesome. I still love what we do and do it because i love it. They can all go out and do their awesome band, and I'll wish I was in it, or think it sucks. Either way, shut the fuck up and do something. And whether it was approved or not, i had no knowledge of anything about the deal at all.

Back to the point. My name was obviously attached to a press release because I'm the comic nerd in the band. I apologize for any confusion or trouble caused. I had nothing to do with it. There was obviously a big miscommunication/lack of communication in both camps. I have no idea where that was and where the fault lies, and I won't pretend to point fingers or place the blame. But again: "So with that whole thing, I don't really know what's happening. I wasn't really a part of it."

I realize I have to say this over and over again to get the point across.

In response to Hurley's characterization of CBR's phrasing of the events as "misleading," News Editor Andy Khouri had this to say:

In our first conversation with Andy Hurley in which we discussed the Fall Out Boy comic book, it was CBR's understanding that Hurley was aware of Dabel Brothers Publishing's involvement with the project as well as the press release indicating the Fall Out Boy comic would star the band itself as characters, as he acknowledged the existence of " a press release" and deemed the sort of comic book outlined in its contents to be "lame."

With Hurley's latest statement, it appears the musician knew far less about the situation than we'd previously inferred; that he was only vaguely aware of the project and the press release, and was speaking about both in only the most abstract of terms. While we believe that our inference was reasonable given his comments about "a press release" and the specific notion of Fall Out Boy starring in a comic book about themselves, we nevertheless regret this inadvertent mischaracterization of Hurley's position on the matter vis-à-vis Dabel Brothers Publishing itself.

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