Andy Grammer resists Golden Age temptresses in new video

Musician Andy Grammer turned to the Golden Age  or his latest music video "Honey I'm Good," an ode to faithfulness in the face of temptation, using panels from old sci-fi and romance comics to illustrate a narrative of a handsome guy turning down the advances of glamorous women (one of them green).

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog, Grammer calls the song "a relationship anthem," saying, "I’m out on tour all the time, there are a lot of beautiful women on tour, I’m a married man and part of being in a relationship is saying no to really cute girls." The video ends with a classic romance-comic reunion.

Jason Merrin, who directed the video, said he used a mix of romance comics (for the beginning and end) and science fiction stories, Photoshopping the images to fit the song and adding the lyrics in the speech balloons.

"I knew that we’d need romance comics, especially for the opening and the ending, and I also knew that what we wanted primarily was outer-space, sci-fi pulpy stuff, and there was no shortage of it," he said.

The video reflects some Golden Age notions of gender roles, with dark-haired, scantily clad, sexually aggressive women trying to tempt the hero and a blonde, conservatively dressed heroine waiting for him at the end. The video also throws in some fun comic-book touches like ads for Sea Monkeys and Charles Atlas.

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