Andy Diggle to Pen James Bond Miniseries "Hammerhead"

Andy Diggle is teaming up with artist Luca Casalanguida for a six-issue miniseries called "James Bond: Hammerhead." The series is a spinoff of the Warren Ellis-written "007," which is currently being published by Dynamite Entertainment.

The first issue features three covers, from artist including Francesco Francavilla ("Afterlife with Archie,") Ron Salas ("Six Million Dollar Man,") and Robert Hack ("The Black Hood.") Each artists' cover can be seen below, respectively.

"James Bond: Hammerhead" #1 sends Bond to assassinate the Kraken, a radical anti-capitalist who has plans for Britain's newly-upgraded nuclear arsenal. According to the official description of the series, 007 will be faced with dilemmas of loyalty to the British crown and must figure out if he is being used to protect England or create a terrifying superpower.

"I have never been more thrilled to take charge of a character. James Bond has been with me from childhood, and his influence runs through almost everything I've ever written," Andy Diggle said in a statement. "Like all truly iconic characters, Bond remains timeless, reinventing himself for each new generation while remaining true to the core of Ian Fleming's original creation. By bringing the Bond of the novels into the present-day world, with all its challenges and complexities, we get the best of both worlds - Fleming's dispassionate 'blunt instrument' in a post-Cold War landscape of mass surveillance, drone strikes and WMDs."

On working with Diggle, Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci is quoted, "When we talked about writers to tackle our first James Bond miniseries outside of Warren Ellis' incredible storylines VARGR and EIDOLON (from the ongoing James Bond issues #1-6 and #7-12, respectively), Andy's name was at the top of our list. This new mini is the perfect addition to Dynamite's growing library of James Bond!"

"James Bond: Hammerhead" is scheduled to hit comic book shops and digital retailers in October.

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