Andy Clarke joins <i>Batman and Robin</i> for 'Batman vs. Robin'

Andy Clarke will follow Cameron Stewart as the artist on Batman and Robin, joining writer Grant Morrison with March's Issue 10 for a story arc called "Batman vs. Robin."

Clarke, who began his career at 2000 AD, most recently drew issues of DC Comics' Batman Confidential and R.E.B.E.L.S.

In addition to Stewart, Frank Quitely and Philip Tan have illustrated arcs of Batman and Robin. At one point Frazer Irving was set for Issues 10-12, which initially were to be drawn by a returning Quitely.

Comics Alliance has a brief Q&A with Clarke and Batman Group Editor Michael Marts.

"As far as teasers go, the title of the storyarc -- 'Batman vs. Robin' -- might be the biggest teaser of all," Marts says. "And expect to learn quite a bit more about the mysterious history of Bruce Wayne's family tree."

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