Android 21: 5 Similarities And 5 Differences She Has With Majin Buu

Ever since Dragon Ball FighterZ came out, many people have questioned who Android 21 is and why she looks like Majin Buu. The character design that was revealed to us showed us what she looked and dressed like. People initially thought that she is the female version of Majin Buu or Kid Buu and began speculating as to whether she is based more on the innocent Majin or vicious Kid.

However, ambiguities always left this debate unfinished, and the people, uncertain. This list contains some of her shared traits and differences of Android 21 with Majin Buu, so obviously, spoilers to those who haven't played FighterZ.

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10 Both Have Pink Skin

A very obvious physical trait that can be observed about the Majin race is their pink skin tone. Like Majin Buu, Android 21 has a pink skin tone color that can be seen when she transforms. Just like how Majin Buu is referred to as a big ball of gum, Android 21 is also called the "Bubblegum Princess" by some people.

The pink colored skin is a genetic trait and both the Android and Buu share this. It's almost like a requirement to handle the power of the Buu species, whatever it may truly be. Regardless of the extent, it's fascinating all the same.

9 Both Have A Sweet Tooth

After absorbing the Grand Supreme Kai, Majin Buu developed a craving for sweets. The same sweet craving is noticeable in Android 21 during her interactions with people and in her fights. Both of them are seen having a friendly conversation about throwing a party later on and having lots of sweets as the main dish.

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During the dialogue and battle, her evil side prefers eating her opponents who she transforms into sweets. She is also very picky about the size, texture, shape, and flavor and tends to grade each item on a scale of one to a hundred, so that's a close similarity to the original Majin Buu.

8 Both Can Transform People into Candy

An ability that is exclusive to Majin Buu which allows him to transmit a beam from his antenna like an extension that transforms any living thing into consumable goods. His preference is sweets out of which his favorite is either pudding or chocolate. Android 21 can also use the same technique but applies it in a slightly different manner.

Her beam is transmitted from her finger and her preference for consumable goods is any form of baked goods such as cupcakes, doughnuts or macaroons. It's not as comedic as turning someone into a piece of candy, and then having that candy beat you up, which is what happened with Super Buu.

7 Her Outfit Has A Similar Look

Majin Buu’s character design consists of him wearing a purple cape, a black vest, with yellow gloves and boots and white baggy pants. Whereas Android 21 wears a black tube top, white baggy pants, black arm sleeves and her shoes remain the same type but with a gold tip. She also wears gold bracelets and loop earrings.

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Her attire mostly resembles Kid Buu's and fans often see her as the female version of him, wearing his clothing. So instead of being a Majin Buu counterpart, she's often seen as a Kid Buu counterpart instead. It's a reasonable enough statement, even though Majin Buu is more regular.

6 Both Have A Powerful Immune System



Majin Buu has what every kid dreams of. An immune system that can't be beaten and a relatively healthy body that cannot get sick. He can eat an endless amount of sweets without getting cavities or stomach pain. During the time when Goku and Vegeta were inside Buu, we were shown the massive amount of sweets that he had eaten and was in the process of digesting.

The amount was so great that even Goku, a heavy consumer himself, called it bizarre that Buu didn't get sick. Android 21 shares this trait as her consumption knows no limit and she appears to be the best shape of her life despite it.

5 Android 21 Can’t Regenerate

A visible strength that Buu has is his ability to regenerate. After Vegeta sacrifices himself in order to blow Majin Buu into pieces of dust so that he won't come back, we see that it wasn't enough and the particles that remained of him were sentient and Buu was able to reform him in a matter of seconds.

This is not the same case for Android 21 as she is not completely like Buu. Unlike him, her body is genetically modified using a human base, so her anatomy and bone structure resemble that of humans more closely and can only regenerate by feeding on a living thing.

4 Acts Like Kid Buu Instead Of Majin

Though she may share Buu's love for sweets, she does not share the attitude much. Her dual persona allows her to be sweet and gentle with slightly child-like behavior when in control. It's when she loses the fight to her hunger that her evil persona takes control.

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This happens between sixty to eighty percent of the time, and her actions and attitude resemble that of the violent and bratty Kid Buu. It's evidently visible in her eyes when they become jet black and have red irises. She becomes angry when mocked, craves destruction and food and has a blast doing it all.

3 She isn’t as Flexible

A helpful trait that Majin Buu has is his ability to reform his body into any shape. The rubbery and bubblegum style texture of his body allows him to stretch any of his limbs to an absurd length and even allows him to absorb great shocks and punishment.

For Android 21 this ability is very limited as she can’t absorb shocks and extend her limbs because this trait was not applied throughout her body. She can only stretch her tail (courtesy of Frieza’s DNA) but that comes with a few limitations. This is because so far, she's only shown to be able to stretch her tail about ten feet.

2 They Can Copy Moves

Like Majin Buu, Android 21 has the ability to steal her opponent's moves. Majin Buu has been shown to mimic some attacks but that is only to make fun of his opponents. Android 21, on the other hand, seems to do this for destructive force.

She can stab an enemy and absorb some of their energy, thus allowing her to manipulate that energy. She then combines this with her own ki to copy the opponent's techniques. This is not exactly the same as what Buu did, because he had to absorb the fighter before using his techniques against others (he did this by connecting them to his own body). Nonetheless, their copying ability does make them both dangerous.

1 She Can’t Blow Off Steam

Another visible difference is that Majin Buu has holes near the top of his head which encircle his antenna like an extension. These holes are shown to expel pressurized steam under two circumstances: when he is angry and when he is undergoing a painful transformation.

Android 21 does not have any holes in her head and whenever she undergoes a transformation or has a tantrum, instead of expelling pressurized steam, her ki becomes unstable and is shown to haphazardly flow out. She also can’t suppress her anger very well and this tends to make her very predictable in both battle and overall confrontation.

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