Andreyko Confirms Manhunter Cancelation

Writer Marc Andreyko confirmed in a Facebook posting that “Manhunter,” his critically acclaimed superhero series from DC Comics, has been cancelled. “Anyone up for a third letter-writing campaign ('specially retailers)?” Andreyko wrote, referring to the previous fan-driven campaigns to keep the poorly selling title on the stands.

"Manhunter" follows the heroic adventures of Kate Spencer, a lawyer turned superhero who repurposes the weaponry and armaments of captured or fallen villains to bring her own brand of justice to the DCU. The series has been called a superhero “Law & Order,” with real-life events, issues and themes heavily informing the book’s content.

The much-lauded title premiered in 2004 and quickly earned itself a small but vocal fanbase. In 2006, DC announced plans to cancel the book with issue #25, but when fans mounted a huge campaign to keep the book alive, the publisher relented and commuted “Manhunter’s” sentence for another five issues. Sales did not improve significantly, and the title was cancelled with issue #30.

Reportedly strong trade paperback sales and support from DC editorial resulted in “Manhunter” being resurrected earlier this year, beginning where it left off at issue #31. Evidently, the latest incarnation of the title did not perform up to expectations. “Manhunter” #38 will be the final issue of the series.

CBR Staff Writers Robert Taylor and Jeffrey Renaud contributed to this story.

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