Andrews Forges a "Weapon" For All-New Marvel NOW! in April

Gone, but never forgotten, the All-New Marvel NOW! one-word teasers have returned, hyping a new "Weapon"-related series by Kaare Andrews, who will presumably both write and draw the series, set to debut from Marvel in April. While there's no real indication as to which character or characters Andrews will take on, the colors and the word "weapon" imply it's Wolverine -- though whether Andrews is the next in line for "Savage Wolverine" or Marvel plans to launch a new book altogether remains to be seen. Andrews has worked on numerous titles for Marvel in the past, most notably including "Spider-Man: Reign" as both writer and artist, as well as Warren Ellis' "Xenogenesis" arc of "Astonishing X-Men."

Check out the full teaser below.

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