Andrews' <i>Altitude</i> Goes International

It's a little known fact that, when he's not making Astonishing X-Men all about Emma Frost's breasts, comic creator Kaare Andrews makes movies. Of course, now that his new movie has been picked up for release by Anchor Bay Entertainment, it may be the comic book thing that becomes more of a hobby.

The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog is reporting that Andrews' movie Altitude has been given a distribution deal that includes the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, and that the company thinks that it has potential to reach beyond the smaller audience of most of their releases. Written by Syfy Original Movie veteran Paul Birkett, the movie follows a group of teenagers having to deal with a mysterious supernatural force they encounter while flying in a small plane. Here's the trailer:

Heat Vision also reports that Andrews is currently developing a movie for Terminator, Incredible Hulk and The Walking Dead producer Gail Anne Hurd. How long before the lure of Hollywood steals him away from comics altogether?

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