Andrew Lincoln Reveals "Walking Dead" Cast's Negan-Specific Pact

Sunday night's season finale episode of "The Walking Dead" has gotten people talking -- mostly because of that very last scene. The final moments of the 90-minute finale (spoiler alert) depict Rick and a group of his allies captured and kneeling in front of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the big bad whose arrival has been teased all season long. The last seconds of season six depict Negan choosing his victim and swinging his barb-wire-covered baseball bat Lucille right into a P.O.V. shot, killing an unrevealed member of the "Walking Dead" cast.

The controversial move got the show's producers talking, and now series lead Andrew Lincoln has opened up about filming that particular scene to ComicBook.com.

"We kind of made a pact with each other, just because personally and professionally one of us is going," said Lincoln, referring to the fact that one of the cast members crouched in front of Negan won't be back in season seven. "These people are lovely, dear friends. Including myself one of us is gonna get it."

Lincoln called the killing of a character, a process that "Walking Dead" cast members have endured many times before, has become both "upsetting" and "too precious" to really talk about publicly -- especially considering that the final fate of one of the survivors has been left a mystery until the season seven premiere.

"There are certain things that become sacred on set and I'm afraid, I'm one of these people going, 'I can't talk about it,'" said Lincoln when asked if he knew which character was meeting their end. "Every time we've lost somebody on the show they've been instrumental in story telling. It's the same thing. We lock up shop. We linked arms, got our knees, and said, 'You know what? Let's not discuss this. It's painful. No apologies.'"

AMC's "The Walking Dead" concluded its sixth season on Sunday, April 3. The show will return for a seventh season at an as-yet-unannounced date this fall.

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