Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Experience Left Him 'Heartbroken'


Andrew Garfield and Amy Adams recently opened up about their experiences in corporate superhero franchises as part of Variety's "Actors on Actors" interview series. There, Garfield said that his title role in Sony's "Amazing Spider-Man" films left him "heartbroken."

"I signed up to serve the story," said Garfield, "and to serve this incredible character that I’ve been dressing as since I was three, and then it gets compromised and it breaks your heart. I got heartbroken a little bit to a certain degree."

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Garfield stated that story and character are not always "top of the priority list" for big-budget films. "There’s something about being that young in that kind of machinery which I think is really dangerous," he added. "I was still young enough to struggle with the value system, I suppose, of corporate America really, it’s a corporate enterprise mostly."

Adams had some similar frustrations with her role as Lois Lane in "Man of Steel" and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." She said, "I love playing her, I love everyone I work with, but sometimes it’s tricky because I feel she’s in service of the story instead of the story serving the character. That sometimes can be tricky when you show up and you really wanna retain a character and you have to serve the story… in a perfect universe they all work together."

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Hopefully, Lois will be better served in 2017's "Justice League," which finds Adams reprising her role. "Man of Steel 2" is also in development, though there has been no confirmation of its cast or schedule.

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