Andrew Garfield Wanted "Amazing Spider-Man" to Inspire

In a recent interview promoting his upcoming film "99 Homes," former Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield revealed to MTV News his involvement in the film's final scene, which features the spectacular Spider-Man defending a dressed as the hero from the Rhino.

"That was one of my favorite parts of the film, and it was my idea," Garfield told MTV. "I felt the film was missing me as a seven-year-old. All of us as a seven-year-old, being inspired, and given the strength to be who we are, we can step into fear and be courageous in our own lives."

This particular comment and ideology stemmed from Garfield's personal views on the fallacy of many superhero films: that one person, one hero, can save everyone. Instead, he points to leaders that inspired a community that brought about change.

"We have had great figures in the history of time -- I think of Gandhi, and John Lennon, and Martin Luther King, whoever you want to name," Garfield explained. "These great, progressive movements... But they're movements. There just happens to be one person who is the face. That person is a community and that person is bringing their gifts into the community."

Although Garfield starred in "Amazing Spider-Man" and its sequel, the film series once again will be receiving a reboot with the franchise's incorporation into the Marvel Universe. Actor Tom Holland slips into the famous blue-and-red tights for an upcoming solo film slated for release July 28, 2017.

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