Andrew Garfield goes noir with 'It Follows' director in 'Under the Silver Lake'

In a pairing that has individually delivered audiences with charm and screams, actor Andrew Garfield is heading into a lead role in the next film from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell.

Variety has word on Under the Silver Lake – a neo-noir thriller set in modern day Los Angeles that Mitchell with write and direct. Michael De Luca is producing the otherwise mysterious indie alongside Chris Bender, Jake Weiner and Adele Romanski.

With It Follows, Mitchell delivered the rare horror film that both severely unnerved audiences but also proved a critical darling starting with its Cannes debut in 2014. With the film's wide release in the rear view, the director is moving forward into new territory. Meanwhile, the former Spider-Man star has been working on a string of films with big name directors including Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge and Martin Scorsese's Silence, so Silver Lake will mark a return to the indie films that he made his bones on.

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