Andrew Garfield Gets Evicted in Intense '99 Homes' Trailer

Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon star in the intense trailer for "99 Homes," the upcoming thriller from "Chop Shop" director Ramin Bahrani.

Shannon plays Rick Carver, a ruthless and charismatic businessman who's making a killing by repossessing homes and gaming the real-estate market. When single father Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) is evicted, he becomes so desperate to provide for his mother and young son that he goes to work for Carver, who offers a way for him to regain his home. However, it's a deal with the devil, as Nash is tasked with evicting families from their homes, a job more brutal and dangerous than he imagined.

Opening Sept. 25, "99 Homes" also stars Laura Dern, Tim Guinee and J.D. Evermore.

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