Andrew Adamson To Bring Steve Niles' "Breath Of Bones" To Life

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Andrew Adamson, the director behind the first two installments in the "Shrek" and "Chronicles of Narnia" franchises, will direct a film adaptation of Dark Horse Comics' "Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem."

The film, titled "Breath of Bones," will be based on the 2013 limited series written by Steve Niles and Matt Santoro, with art by David Wachter. "It's the one monster rooted in religion and mysticism, so I wanted to be respectful," said Niles to Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision. "I decided to tell it as a World War II fable. It's a story of a grandfather teaching his grandson how to make a monster to defend his village against a Nazi invasion."

Adamson also revealed that he has been a fan of the tale since its publication last year. "From the moment I saw the cover art, I knew this had the makings of a new classic."

Dark Horse's Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg will produce the adaptation along with Adamson and Aron Warner. Jeff Fierson will serve as executive producer.

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