Batman: The Animated Series Voiceover Director Andrea Romano Retires

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Andrea Romano, whose resume as a voiceover and casting director includes work on dozens of beloved cartoons including Batman: The Animated SeriesAvatar: The Last Airbender and Batman Beyond, has announced she will retire.

"I shall miss so many aspects of this industry – particularly the people I’ve worked alongside, and all the fun that happens on both side of the glass," Romano said in a statement. "From the bottom of my heart, I extend my sincere gratitude to every actor, producer, director, engineer and colleague that has helped make this run so incredible."

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Beginning with Ducktales, Romano's three decades in the industry culminated in her personally overseeing over 10,000 voice sessions, resulting in a staggering catalog of more than 1600 episodes of television and 20 video games. Garnering 35 Emmy nominations throughout her career, Romano took home 8 of them.

In addition to her work on TV and games, Romano also lended her talents on 23 of DC's original animated films, including Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Though the director had recently stated she intended to work for another two to three years, her diagnosis of optic neuropathy in one eye left her partially blind, leading to the earlier retirement.

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"Doing this job, working with all these wonderful people, has been my ultimate blessing," Romano added. "I couldn’t have hoped to spend the past three decades with a better group. I’ve truly been the luckiest person on Earth."

Romano's acclaimed work can next be seen when season three of Voltron: Legendary Defender hits Netflix on Aug. 4.

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