Andi Watson's "Skeleton Key" Debuts in "Dark Horse Presents" #5

Official Press Release

The original writer of Dark Horse's widely acclaimed Buffy the Vampire Slayer series returns with an all-new story, Skeleton Key! Andi Watson, one of the most acclaimed cartoonists in Britain-known for such titles as Love Fights, Breakfast After Noon, and Glister-brings his latest work to Dark Horse's premier anthology!

The magical Skeleton Key turns any door into a portal to an endless variety of strange worlds and times. Lost in this multiplicity of dimensions, Canadian schoolgirl Tamsin and Japanese fox spirit Kitsune are trying to find their way home.

This three-part story will debut in Dark Horse Presents #5 with "Dead Can't Dance," a story in which Tamsin and Kitsune encounter a band using real zombies in a music video.

Look for Andi Watson's Skeleton Key in the fifth issue of the legendary Dark Horse Presents, on sale October 19 in comic shops everywhere!

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