Andi Watson 'Dumped' by Oni Press in 2002

Official Press Release

[Dumped]This coming April, Oni Press will be reteaming with Andi Watson, the acclaimed, Eisner Award-nominated creator of BREAKFAST AFTER NOON, to bring an all-new original graphic novel to the printed page. DUMPED will be a 56-page comic with a spine and heavy cover stock, presented in black-and-white with Watson's exquisite gray tones.

"DUMPED is another one of those stories that Andi is becoming increasingly known for," said Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "It's a human story, set in something akin to the real world. It's about two collectors and how they meet and fall in love, and whether or not they can put any other person before their possessions. Fans of the direction Andi's work has been taking in BREAKFAST or SLOW NEWS DAY won't be disappointed by DUMPED, and people who have heard about Andi's work but haven't tried it now have an affordable opportunity to read a complete story by him."

Perhaps as interesting as the comic itself is the story of how the book came about. DUMPED is being released to coincide with the Big Torino 2002 arts festival in Turin, Italy. The International Biennial of Young Arts was established to celebrate artists under the age of thirty-five who are creating new and exciting work. The 2000 edition of the festival showcased 200 individual projects by European artists, with 150,000 attendees (including journalists and cultural figures). The theme for 2002 is social change, and how art and people are influenced by one another when it comes to individual responsibility to societal goals. Running from April 19 to May 19, it will feature every art form imaginable-though it's important to note that this is the first time they will be including comic book work in their exhibition!

"When I heard about the festival, I thought it was a great opportunity," Watson said. "It sounded like the chance to do something different, and I knew Oni is always interested in going for stuff that's not very run of the mill. I liked the idea of creating a comic that would be part of something bigger and that would stand next to more traditional fine art on equal footing."

"I think if there is anyone amongst our community who's work could really be an ambassador to the larger arts and culture community, it would be Andi," Rich added. "It's a tremendous opportunity. And the bonus for us fans is that we get another great Andi Watson project. DUMPED is shaping up to be a great comic that would stand on its own two feet with or without an arts festival. As Andi's biggest fan, I couldn't be happier!"

DUMPED contains 56 black-and-white pages for $5.95. It features a new color cover and has mature situations. It ships to comic book stores on April 5, 2002.

Andi Watson's previous Oni Press graphic novels, GEISHA and BREAKFAST AFTER NOON, are both still in print and will be offered again at the same time as DUMPED. The first issue of GEISHA is also available for free as a downloadable PDF file at www.onipress.com/freecomic/. Oni Press encourages fans to print it out or send it to their friends, and retailers to give it to customers who may be looking for something new and different.

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