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And Of Course – “Trust Me, Jimmy, I’m Tormenting You For Your Own Good!”

by  in Comic News Comment
And Of Course – “Trust Me, Jimmy, I’m Tormenting You For Your Own Good!”

In this feature I spotlight particularly outlandish/convoluted comic book plot resolutions.

Today we look at a story that I featured years ago in an “I Love Ya But You’re Strange,” but the plot resolution to this story is just SO out there that I couldn’t help but share it here, as well. So learn Superman’s reasoning behind tormenting Jimmy Olsen so much that Jimmy no longer wants to be adopted by the Man of Steel…

The story in Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #30 (by Otto Binder, Curt Swan and Ray Burnley) is already pretty weird, as it involves Superman suddenly thinking that it is a good idea for him to adopt Jimmy (they have always seemed like friends but now Superman has become fatherly to Jimmy out of nowhere)…

But then things change…

So Superman torments Jimmy, forcing Jimmy to finally determine to no longer be Superman’s son…

And we soon learn what Superman was up to the whole time…

It really is like Superman has something broken in his brain where he can’t do anything simple. He has to automatically launch into the most convoluted plan available at the time. “Of COURSE! It must mean that I kill my SON! So I have to torment Jimmy until he agrees not to be my son! I can’t just TELL him what’s going on!”

That’s it for this installment! Feel free to write in with suggestions for more awesomely convoluted comic book plot resolutions to! Don’t make suggestions in the commments section!

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