And Of Course - That Time Batman and Superman Tortured...Batman and Superman?

In this feature I spotlight particularly outlandish/convoluted comic book plot resolutions.

Today, we look at the time that Batman and Superman were tortured beyond their breaking point by...Batman and Superman?

In World's Finest Comics #174 by Cary Bates, Pete Costanza and Jack Abel, Batman and Superman are each lured to a seemingly abandoned warehouse by telepathic warnings of their friend being in danger. When they get there, they are each physically and mentally tortured individually and then they are put together, for more torture...

The two heroes have had enough. They begin to spill and spill HARD...

So, what's the convoluted ending behind this comic? I already let on who the mysterious torturers are, but can you guess WHY? See if you can figure it out before you go to the next page to find out the bizarre reason behind all of this.

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