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And Of Course – So WHY Does Doctor Octopus Want to Marry Aunt May?

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And Of Course – So WHY Does Doctor Octopus Want to Marry Aunt May?

In this feature I spotlight particularly outlandish/convoluted comic book plot resolutions.

Today we look at one of Doctor Octopus’ oddest plans, where he decided to marry Aunt May to gain certain things she didn’t know she had.

Our story begins with Aunt May missing after Gwen Stacy tore her a new one over how much May mollycoddles Peter. Peter, naturally, is worried sick about her. He finally discovers her in Amazing Spider-Man #114 (by Gerry Conway, John Romita and Tony Mortellaro) at Doctor Octopus’ house. He thinks she is being held captive. However, she is actually there as part of “Doctor Octopus’ ultimate plan.”

Spidey freaks out when Doc Ock expresses feelings for May…

At the end of the issue, with Octavius in custody, Aunt May is left to keep his house for him.

Besides a short phone call, we next see her in Amazing Spider-Man #119 (by Gerry Conway, John Romita, Jim Mooney and Tony Mortellaro), where Spidey attempt to deliver a telegram to her at Doc Ock’s house, but notices that Octavius’ hired goons are on the lookout for a telegram THERE…

Spidey figures discretion is the better part of valor, so he holds on to the telegram and reads it later…

So off to Canada goes Spidey!

At the end of the next issue, after an altercation with the Hulk (which, sadly, due to Spider-Man’s lack of werewolf abilities, he did not do that well in), Spidey FINALLY runs into the lawyer…

but just in time for…

Anyhow, things pick up in Amazing Spider-Man #130 (by Conway, Ross Andru and Frank Giacoia), when Doctor Octopus gets out of jail and proceeds to the next part of his plan…

Whatever Doc Ock is up to, his nemesis Hammerhead wants in on it, too, so Hammerhead is trying to find out what Octopus wants with May Parker. Through the intervention of the villainous Jackal, that information ends up in the hands of Spider-Man, who learns something juicy…

He rushes to warn May but arrives too late, she is marrying Doctor Octopus!!

Go to the next page to see what is behind this scheme…

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