And Of Course - How Monster Comic Books Saved Planet Earth

In this feature I spotlight particularly outlandish/convoluted comic book plot resolutions.

Today we look at how Mr. Fantastic somehow used monster comic books to save Planet Earth!

Okay, so in Fantastic Four #2 (by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and George Klein), we first meet the Skrulls, alien shapeshifters who use their powers to make the Earth believe that the Fantastic Four are their enemies. This is part of their plan to get rid of the Fantastic Four because they have alien invasion fleet poised above the Earth ready to attack once the FF are dealt with.

The FF, though, capture the Skrulls and discover the stalemate...

Then Mister Fantastic comes up with a ludicrous plan that somehow actually works...

Of course, just one issue earlier, the Fantastic Four visited an ACTUAL island of monsters!! So they didn't have to FAKE the story of Earth having monsters. But whatever, it worked!

NOTE: There is another interesting aspect to this story that I'll reveal in an upcoming Provide Some Answers, so please hold off on that particular aspect of the story if you could in the comments. Thanks!

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