And baby makes three: <i>Love and Capes</i> returns this summer

The most recent Love and Capes miniseries ended with the two main characters, newlyweds Abby and Mark, finding out that they were expecting. I remember it pretty well because I read it the same week I got to see the sonogram that told us we were having a boy, therefore I say with all the sappiness implied in such a statement that it'll always be one of those comics I remember when and where I read it, and I will treasure it forever because of it.

So the subject of Thom Zahler's next Love and Capes, subtitled "What to Expect," is one that I can really identify with, as the characters go through the process of trying to pick a name. (Actually, once we knew we were having a boy, the name came really easy).

“I’m thrilled to be able to tell another chapter in Mark and Abby’s adventures. And there’s no greater adventure than parenthood,” Zahler said. “Except, of course, for a fight for existence itself against an all-consuming galactic threat, and this book isn’t about that. Well, probably not. Fifty-fifty, tops.”

Of course, having a baby means I'm off the convention circuit, so I'm going to miss out on the special “Baby Name” cover variant that will be released in July at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The variant (at right) is drawn by Zahler, and features Mark and Abby exchanging baby names. Fans will have a chance for Zahler to draw their name into Abby’s notepad, as another baby name idea for the couple. Love and Capes: What to Expect will also contain special guest inkers for the covers throughout the series including Sean Tiffany, Jerry Ordway, Mike Manley, Chris Bailey and Rich Faber.

If you haven't checked out the series before, you can find it on comiXology, or to get a taste you can check out the free Valentine's Day story Thom did earlier this year right here.

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