Ancient Mayan-inspired Batman suit is the best Batman suit

Somewhere, perhaps, there's a writer who scribbled notes for a never-realized Elseworlds story about a Batman -- or Bat-Man, if you prefer -- who stood watch more than 1,000 years ago over Caracol or Tikal. If so, he might've worn something a lot like this incredible cowl created by Mexican artist Kimbal for Batman a Través de la Creatividad Mexicana, a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight held at the Mexican Museum of Design in Mexico City.

Inspired by Camazotz, a bat god of Mayan myth (his name means "death bat"), the piece is painstakingly detailed and beautifully weathered (The Creators Project has several photos detailing Kimbal's process).

Although it seems unlikely we'll see ancient Mayan versions of Catwoman, Robin and The Joker any time soon, it's fun to imagine.

(via Toybox)

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