Anarchy Studios is hunting for new blood

Official Press Release

New York, NY- Back in 1999, Kevin Lau was still an aspiring young artist, searching for his big break in the comics industry. Fast forward just two years, and Lau is not only the artist of the blockbuster VAMPI, but now heads his own comics imprint, Anarchy Studios. With Anarchy Studios, Lau hopes to open the doors for other artists and give them the same opportunity to make it big. His method? The official Anarchy Portfolio Review program, in which Kevin Lau himself will personally evaluate the work of upcoming new artistic talent.

Kevin explains, "Anarchy Studios is ready to expand in the coming year, but we're going to require great talent to do it. With the Portfolio Review program, new artists will have a wide-open shot to work on brand new projects. We're only looking for the best-of-the-best here, so if you think you're at the Anarchy level and you've got the samples to prove it, come on down!"

The first official Anarchy Portfolio Review will take place at the 2001 Wizard World Chicago Convention. Each day of the convention, Kevin will be accepting portfolio submission for his professional assessment. Future Portfolio Review events in this program are also in the works and details will be announced as they become available.

For more information on Kevin Lau and Anarchy Studios, please visit www.anarchy-studios.com

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